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    Wed. 21 May 2003    ( 727-898-7451 Room # 261 bed A )

    I hope you got a chance to see Billy's Graduation Page (Click here for the Graduation Page) from the link on the previous page . I admit I just threw it together........but I had to get it posted for 'ya to see *wink* . I'll tweek it later !!

    Billy had a Chest x-ray last night , and a Bone-scan of his whole body today . The hope is that nothing will be found on any of these tests . Any way , Billy should be home on Friday , this is a 3 day session of chemotherapy . He is eating really well , and hopefully will will be without incident .
    Fri. 23 May 2003  Home !
    Hello every one , I hope this update finds you all in good spirits . Yes , Billy is home ! But Alicia is on her way to Mexico ! Thats right Mexico !! I took Alicia to the airport at 6:00 this morning , after she gave Billy a big "Hug & Kiss" . She will be gone for about a week while visiting Mexico with Friends . She really didn't want to leave Billy as you can imagine , but she did manage to get away while leaving a few tears behind *wink* . Billy and I will have some good Father and Son bonding to catch up on as we hope his dreaded "fever" doesn't show it's ugly face and cause us to go back to A.C.H. for another un-scheduled visit *grrrr* .    :: let the Bonding begin ::

    Click for photo  Click here to see photo of Billy and his Kitty !!

    Click for photo  Just took this photo !! Against Billy's wishes , I might add !!
    Sun. 25 May 2003
    Hello all , Billy is enjoying a peaceful time at home . He was visited today by a couple of his Friends . Earlier this afternoon Billy's Friend Trevor came by for a visit , and a couple battles on the play station !! Jared is with Billy now , yes , on the play station !! What the heck right !

    Trying to keep busy , I started another site ( click here ) that deals with Childhood cancer . It is a listing of web sites of , by , and or for , those with childhood cancer ; or those who have passed away due to these terrible diseases . Stop by and visit these web sites , and read their stories .
    Also , I've been doing some serious research to enlighten you all as to what this Journey is all about . Who was ewings sarcoma named after ? Click ( Here ) to find out , and read the facts about this terrible disease . I learned a bit more than I already knew , so will you .
    Tues. 27 May 2003
    Climbed another mountain today , and slid down the other side ! Billy is now able to raise his leg while lying on his back . This was a pre-requisite for being able to stand without his leg brace . He has spent the last 2 days or so walking without the brace , but still using his crutches . He is able to put about 70% of his weight on his leg but it is awkward because his leg was intentionally made 1" longer so that his left leg can catch up to it before he needs to have his right leg lengthened again . The other mountain I talk about was the fact that I was able to give Billy his injection . He is required to have daily injections of a drug to boost his blood counts . When his blood counts are high enough , he doesn't need the injections , usually 2 weeks after his chemotherapy session is complete . Tomorrow we'll find out if his counts are up enough to stop the shots . Billy is doing very well since his chemo last week , and has yet to show any signs of fever .*wink*. All of your Prayers are surely being answered , thank you !
    Wed. 28 May 2003
    WHEW !! Billy's counts are near "0" , the shots will continue *wink* . Billy is feeling pretty good , but he just can't go any where , or be around anyone while his counts are at this level , he know's the routine . Please click Click for photo to see The Award Billy's Page was given by Diva Kathryn ( Founder : Diva's of the 'Net ). Thank you Ms. Kathryn .
    Thurs. 29 May 2003

    welcome home Mom button
    Fri. 30 May 2003
    Hell all ! Yes , Alicia is home from her trip to Mexico . She had a wonderful time , and brought home alot of nice things for her beading .

    Billy had his blood counts checked today . They are still very low , and he is feeling very weak . His fever has remained stable though , and he does not require any transfusions . We go on Monday to have his counts checked again . Billy's next chemotherapy is scheduled for the 10th of June .

    I want to say a big "HELLO" to all Billy's class mates and teachers from Lakeview !! We miss you guy's !!
    Sun. 1 June 2003
    Well , Billy managed to keep his temperature under control . It was a close one though , it hovered around 100 for the past couple days . It is back to normal , and we go back tomorrow to have his blood counts checked again . Billy is feeling pretty good these days considering *wink* . We picked up one of Billy's favorite movies today on DVD . Maybe some of you are familiar with it ; Monty Python and the Holy Grail !! Yes , it is one of my favorites as well !! We have it on VHS that I recorded years ago , and it is pretty much worn out ! So , we found it on DVD , and got it for him ; he was totally surprised to get it and already watched it once today .
    Mon. 2 June 2003
    Billy Had his counts checked this morning , and is back at the hospital this afternoon . His counts were very low , and he is receiving a transfusion of blood and platelets . He is very weak , and lethargic . He usually feels alot better after this procedure is done . He has been eating well , but has a sore in his mouth from the last chemo , which is very uncomfortable . This transfusion takes about 3 hours to complete , and is done through his IV port in his chest .
    Fri. 6 June 2003
    Hello all , welcome back to Billy's page . Billy's counts were up to 6500(ANC), when checked yesterday . He is feeling pretty good , and is in good spirits . Billy received a very "Special" gift from the "Diva's of the Net" ; a fantastic group of women on the internet who have adopted Billy as one of their "little Angels" the paragraph that follows is what I received on Billy's behalf , and I must tell you , Billy was truly taken back by this gesture of Friendship with a tear in his eye . Please visit this wonderful web site they've created for Billy , and see the great tags that they've made for him .

    First let me say I am sorry it took us so long to get Billy's first page done. I know you heard Scott, my husband was in the hospital and taking a lot of my time. I am happy to say he is getting better now and thank the Lord they found no Cancer.
    I have been reading Billy's updates and I pray he is feeling better. When Billy is home and feeling better, please take him to see the pages the Divas of the Net Made for him. We hope they give him a smile.

    (click here) Welcome Billy

    I and the Divas of the 'Net will be keeping Billy and your family in our daily prayers.

    Love and Blessings,
    Diva Kathryn
    Founder and Executive

    Thank you so much Kathryn , and all the wonderful "Diva's of the Net" for putting a great BIG smile on Billy's Face *wink* . You've given Billy a gift he'll not soon forget .

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