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    Hello , and welcome back ! Another milestone today *wink* . Billy actually walked about 25 ft. without the use of his crutches , it was his idea to try it , and he was just elated when he accomplished this task . We are so Proud of him , and he of himself . Billy also started , and completed a wooden model of a Navy ship , similar to the one I was stationed on while in the Navy . Click here Click for photo to see a photo of it ! Billy said it is a Father's Day gift to me . Thanks Buddy *wink* .
       Mon. 9 June 2003
    Hello everyone , we hope you had a great weekend . I took a couple photo's of Billy and his "infamous Leg" today so you can get a look at how well he is healing . You can click on the photo's to see a larger version which will open a new window . Just click your "back arrow" to return here !!

    Billy will be admitted to ACH tomorrow morning for his next round of chemotherapy . This will be a 5 day infusion . Billy will continue his physical therapy while in the Hospital as usual .

    A lot of you have been asking if there is anything you can do for us in these times of need . What ever you can do will be greatly appreciated as you already know *wink* . There is an address on the "INFO Page" of this web site where you can send anything you feel appropriate , be it financial , or something such as a cap for Billy . Visit the "INFO PAGE" by clicking ( HERE ) , Thank you all once again .
       Tues. 10 June 2003
    Still home *wink* . Billy had his counts checked today before he was to be admitted BUT his counts were far too low and he will have to wait until at least Thursday to see if his counts come up enough to handle chemotherapy . This only puts him back another 3 days or so in his protocol . So far we have lost 3 or 4 weeks or so , which means Billy's treatments will run an additional month or so , we'll just have to wait and see *wink* .

    I took Billy to our local Target store this afternoon to get him a new game boy game . I intentionally parked quite a distance from the entrance so that Billy can get some walking in . Billy commented on how great the sun felt on his body , and that he really can't wait till he can go back to the beach and get some "color" ! This is really the 1st time I have heard him comment on the fact that he is as white as a ghost . Billy has always loved the beach , and being surrounded by some of the Worlds Best beaches makes it hard to keep him from them . Billy can't risk a sun burn while on chemo , as well as any infection that might find him if he were to visit the beach . I guess we can wait a few more months , right *wink* .
       Thurs. 12 June 2003     ( 727-898-7451 / Room # 261 bed B )
    Billy was admitted this morning for his next round of chemotherapy (5 days). He is in pretty good spirits , and settled in . He brings his play station to the hospital during these longer stays , the staff brings in an additional TV so he can hook up to it . This is a great treat for the kids , being allowed to bring in their games , things can get pretty boring FAST lying there all hooked up to tubes with nothing to do !!

    Billy was visited by his physical therapist today as well , and had a pretty good workout ! He is able to raise his leg a lot more now while on his back , and is now walking without his brace but still using crutches . His strength is slowly returning , and he even gained a pound !
       Sat. 14 June 2003
    Well , Billy is already on day 3 of this round of chemo . He is still in very good spirits , despite the fact they've put a 4 year old in Billy's room with him . We realize that at times they can't govern who shares rooms , but they should at least try to match the ages a bit better (just a thought "grrr") .

    I managed to get the family room done *wink* . I textured the walls and ceiling , fabricated and installed new base board , and painted the whole room a cozy shade of sage green with white trim , I think it came out very nice ! Now I need to get everything back in there and set up . I picked a good time to get it done because this is the weekend that the Island has their yearly clean-up. Today , Saturday , is the Island wide yard sale ; and Monday is the Island wide pick-up ! This is when the city comes around and picks up all the things no one wanted in the yard sales !! A Great way to get rid of all that stuff that you've collected over the past year , and wanted to get rid of !! I'd put something out at the street , and Alicia would bring it back in !! ONLY KIDDING !!
       Sun. 15 June 2003  
    What a great day ! Even though Billy was in the Hospital with chemical's running through his little body we had a wonderful day together . I managed to run home for an hour or so to get the yard work done , shower , and return to Billy before he missed me *wink* . Billy really enjoyed spending the day with me , and it was evident in more ways than one ; it made me feel as though I was the "Best" Father in the World , and to him , I was .
       Tues. 17 June 2003  Home ! storm
    Fathers Day 2003 with Billy at ACHYEA ! Billy's Home ! It has been a long 6 days ! The photo here was taken on Fathers Day at ACH . Click here Click for photo to see larger photo .

    Billy was sure happy to be home , as you can well imagine *wink* . Kitty was so glad to see him too . Before we left the Hospital Billy was given a transfusion of blood (1 pint), his red blood counts were very low and would only get lower , so this should hold him over until we return on Friday to have his counts checked , or at least we hope so "grrr". Billy is feeling pretty good , and has been eating well , and His weight has been holding steady at around 69-70 lbs.

    Thank you all once again for your support , thoughts , prayers , gifts , and financial aid from (click ->) National Children's Cancer Society *wink*.
       Fri. 20 June 2003 storm
    Welcome back to Billy's Page . Billy had his blood counts checked this morning , and of course his ANC was "0" , and as usual , this keeps him isolated . Lately this has begun to show in his attitude . He got very emotional the other day and began to cry . He said he didn't know why he was crying but it was obvious it was because he was stuck in doors for such a long time . He just came off a 6 day chemo session , the weather is lousy , and he is just plain bored to death . It really hurts to see him like this , he has enough pain in his life .

    We learned today that his 3 day chemo sessions will not include the 48 hour's of Doxorubicin , the orange colored drug you may have seen in some photo's on Billy's Page . Billy has reached his limit (lifetime) for that drug . We thought that being that he is done with that drug , and instead of being admitted for only 1 day for the other drugs in that session , he could have them administered in his 6 day session's therefore cutting the remaining number of sessions in half . WELL ................................... the Dr. said it would not be advisable , and that we should continue on the protocol . We agreed !! So Billy will be receiving chemotherapy through October as scheduled . We return to the Hospital on Tuesday to have Billy's counts checked again , and he will continue on the daily injections of G-CSF (neupogen) until his ANC is up .

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