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       Mon. 23 June 2003    ( 727-898-7451 / Room #276 - private room )
    Billy woke this morning , and was in a great mood aside from a little discomfort . He had breakfast and began to experience some symptoms of fever .

    Yes , Billy was admitted to ACH early this afternoon . He was complaining of pain in his "bottom" , and his fever jumped to 101.5 during the course of this morning , so we called the Hospital as per instructions when Billy gets a fever , and we were told to bring Billy in as soon as possible .

    I will up-date again later this evening

     Billy is resting now in his Hospital room . They had to get a private room ready because of his fever , this took an hour or so of waiting . They will administer meds when cultures , and blood samples tell them what is causing Billy's fever . Billy is scared , as you can imagine . Having cancer , and experiencing pain in other regions sets off the alarm bells . We try to assure him that the pain is associated with constipation *wink* , lets hope so .
      Tues. 24 June 2003
    Hello all . Billy's fever is down to around 99 or so today , and he is feeling better . His Dr. looked in on him this afternoon , and had a look at his bottom . She feels that the chemo from his last session caused a bit of constipation which irritated his know !! He is on anti-biotics , and stool softener to make things a bit easier when they decide to exit *wink* ! Billy is also on some pain meds for the discomfort . His Dr. explained to him that the pain will go away as his counts drop , and will probably return for a bit when his counts go back to normal , so he should be prepared . Billy will be in the Hospital for at least 72 hours because of the fever so they can figure out what caused it , He should be able to come home probably on Thursday morning .
      Wed. 25 June 2003
    Today finds Billy in good spirits . His blood counts were checked this morning , and his hemoglobin was quite low so he is receiving a transfusion of 1 1/2 pints of blood as we speak . His fever is all but gone , and he ate well today . Billy also got his caricature done today !! The person who dose them comes to the Hospital every Wed. from 2-4 pm , but Billy always misses him ! Well today was Billy's lucky day , and he had his done . It looks GREAT , and I'll scan it to Billy's web site when he comes home (probably tomorrow) for you all to see !

    Billy also got another surprise today , Alicia picked up the New Game Cube and attachment for the game-boy games . Billy's Uncle Jorge bought it for him . Thank you Jorge , you know Billy will just FLIP ! I can't wait to play it either ! You can play "Super Mario" on it , My favorite game *wink*
      Thurs. 26 June 2003  Home !
    Billy was released this afternoon . His counts are still low , of course , but his fever is gone along with the pain and discomfort he has had for the past few days . We have to return on Monday to have his blood counts checked again , and Billy is scheduled to start his next session of chemo on July 3rd (next week) . It is now a 1 day admission because he is no longer getting the 48 hours of doxorubicin . As I said before , Billy's 48 week chemotherapy protocol is over in mid October , so 3 1/2 more months of chemo . and then we'll be in remission..........right ? RIGHT !

    Yes , Billy is busy playing his new game cube , I won't even get between him and the TV ! I managed to find the console attachment that was needed so he can play all his game boy games on it and view them on the TV . Boy , it's a far cry from the Atari game I used to have growing up !! Remember that one ?!!
      Sat. 27 June 2003
    Snowboarding Billy !Well , here you have it ! We just Love it , How 'bout you ?! You can click the image to view a larger version if you like *wink* , It really looks like Billy too . The person who did this comes to ACH every Wed. and does these for children who are in the Hospital on the cancer ward . Billy has been trying to have his done for months , but he is either too sick to leave his Hospital room , or not in the Hospital at the time the artist is there . We made sure Billy would finally get his done this time ! They even said that the artist would come to Billy's room if Billy couldn't come done the hall to him . Billy wasn't isolated this time so all went well , and he finally got the chance .

    Billy is feeling pretty good today , although the weather outside is pretty stormy . This is the rainy season down here in St. Pete. , and we've had our share of rain over the past few weeks . Billy's Dr. told us that it was OK to take Billy to the beach when the sun wasn't too hot (am or late pm). This was a good thing to hear because Billy really misses the Beach . Now all we have to do is get him away from his new Game Cube !!
      Tues. 1 July 2003
    Billy had his counts checked this afternoon , his ANC was 1600 . This is good news , and means he'll be admitted on Thursday for his next round of chemo. As I said earlier , this round of chemo will only be over a one day period because Billy is no longer receiving the 48 hour chemo drug Doxorubicin . So instead of 3 days , he'll be in for 1 day . The 6 day session will stay the same , and will follow this session in about 3 weeks .

    Billy is doing very well in his physical therapy sessions as well . He had another session today . Billy is walking around the house without his crutches ! He still needs to support himself by holding the wall's or the chair's as he passes , but all his weight is being placed on his leg's now . He can bend his leg to just about 90 degrees , and is making daily improvements as his confidence grows .
      Thur. 3 July 2003
    Hello , welcome back to Billy's page . Just got back from the Hospital , Billy's platelet counts were too low for admission today for his chemotherapy . We will have to wait till at least tuesday to try again "grin" . All his other counts were great including his ANC which was 3,600 .

    Most of you know that Billy went to Hollywood , Ca. in January to see his favorite TV personality Ryan Styles ( the tall skinny guy on the Drew Cary show). We spent the whole day on the set of the show , and watched the cast in rehearsals . Well............................ last nights Drew Cary show was the one's we saw them rehearsing for !! Billy freaked out ! So did I !!! It was really weird to see , as you can imagine . They did the show just as we saw it in person .
      Mon. 7 July 2003
    Hello all ! What a great weekend here in Sunny St. Pete. ! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend as well . Billy is doing very well , and will hopefully be admitted tomorrow morning for his next round of chemo. His counts should be high enough to tolerate the drugs . Billy is really getting tired of the fact that he is isolated most of the time during all of his treatment . It is a good thing that Billy only has 3 1/2 more months of chemotherapy to go through . We talked with him the other day concerning this , and he told us that he will try his best to put up with the boredom , but it is getting really hard .
      Tue. 8 July 2003
    Oh Well "grin"...................Billy wasn't admitted today , this time his ANC was too low , only at 600 . This is really frustrating to Billy , he gears himself up for his admissions , and comes crashing down when he is unable to continue on with his chemotherapy . You see , his body has to be able to withstand the effects of the drugs , so when his platelets are too low , or his ANC is too low he has to wait a couple more days until his body rebounds from the last chemo . Billy will have his counts checked again on Thursday , and will be admitted if all is well enough .
      Thur. 10 July 2003    ( 727-898-7451 / Room #262 - B )
    YES......Billy was admitted to ACH this morning . It was close , but his counts were good enough to continue with his chemotherapy . This is only a 1 day admission . Billy will be hydrated for a few hours before his chemo is started because these particular drugs are damaging to the bladder . Billy will also be receiving at least 4 doses of Mesna to help prevent bladder problems . So , with any luck , Billy should be home tomorrow !

    Billy received a package in the mail today , and was shocked to see that he won a prize in a contest he entered . We all entered for him as well , and he won a game boy game ! He was so happy , because he never won any contest he's entered through the mail , or internet .
      Sat. 12 July 2003  Home !
    We're home !! Actually , we got home yesterday ! Billy is doing good , and even thought it was only a day , he is glad to be home . This stay in the Hospital paired him up with a 17 year old room mate , you know how we feel about that sort of thing *wink* . Billy had an x-ray done of his leg while in the Hospital to check on the prosthetic alignment . He is also scheduled for an MRI to have a better look at his leg , muscles , and surrounding tissue . Billy will be admitted again in about 3 weeks for his next 5 day round of chemotherapy , baring any fever or troubles that cause him to be admitted sooner "grin" .

    We also have some great news regarding Billy's rehabilitation progress . Billy is now walking ( around the house ) without the use of his crutches !! His walk is very stable , but his right leg is an inch longer than his left which takes a bit of getting used to . We insist on him not using the crutches while at home , but will continue to use them if he is to leave the house . This is a big milestone , and he is excited that he is able to do this .
      Mon. 14 July 2003
    Hello all , and welcome back ! Billy is in good spirits today . He did very well in his daily exercises , and is feeling a little discomfort because of the workout ! "no gain" ! Billy received a package today from "Barcelona , Spain" ! a Great t-shirt from Barcelona , and a hat from NASA , Thank you Carmelina .

    Billy is to be at the Hospital tomorrow morning for his regular bi-weekly blood tests , followed by his physical therapy . Billy is doing well getting around the house without the use of his crutches , although the fact that his right leg is an inch longer than his left , and will remain so until he stops growing , is taking some getting used to . His Dr. has ordered an insert for his left shoe to compensate for the difference , this should make it a bit easier to walk with less of a limp .
      Thurs. 17 July 2003
    Hello there ! Billy just left for the Hospital to have his counts checked , physical therapy , and an MRI of his leg . Yes , a busy day ! Why an MRI of his leg , you ask ! Well , they want to have a good look at his leg , the position of the prosthesis , and any other signs of ........................well , you know *wink* .
    Billy has been a "Champ" through this whole episode thus far , and is looking forward to his last chemo ! Which will probably be in early November now due to the set backs of the past few chemo's . Billy will be starting School in about a month or so as well . At first he'll continue to be Home Bound , but will attend the first few days at his school to meet all his new teachers , students , and just to let every one know who he is , and why he's not attending regular school until his treatment is over . He is really looking forward to starting a new school year .
      Sun. 20 July 2003
    Well , this weekend has been touch and go . Billy was flirting with a fever of 99 - 101 for the past couple days , and we all know what happens when his temp. get's up to 101.5 *wink* . He rebounded fairly well , and has been hovering around 99 all day today . Billy is in good spirits , and sends all his " THANKS " once again , out to all his many Friends for your Thoughts , Prayers , letter's , and gifts .

    I want to share with all of you , Billy's Friends , this wonderful web site I was made aware of today . It is about a young boy named Kyle Antony Lee who passed away last month after a 19 month battle with ewings sarcoma . I added the link to his web site on Billy's Link's Page ::click here:: . It is a very moving memorial to a very precious child , who is dearly missed by his Family and Friends .

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