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     Mon. 18 Aug. 2003

    Welcome back ! I hope you found your way over here with no problem's . I took this photo the other day as Billy was doing his daily exercises . He is really trying his best to get himself back to normal *wink* . Click the photo to see a larger version .
    Billy had a few more classes today via tele-conference . He has grown to like it , although he'd rather be in class at school . Billy will be attending school tomorrow after his morning tele-class . Alicia has arranged for Billy to come to his school and meet every one in his classes . Billy hasn't seen alot of his Friends all summer , and can't wait ! Billy also has to have his blood counts checked again tomorrow afternoon , all should be just fine .

    Alicia and Billy are taking me out for Dinner tomorrow night ! It's my Birthday , and we can really use the night out.............know what I mean *wink* .
     Wed. 20 Aug. 2003
    "Thank you" to all who have sent me their Birthday wish's ! Billy , Alicia and I had a great night out last night . We utilized one of the many gift certificates we've received , this time it was OutBack steak house !

    Billy had a wonderful couple hours at his school yesterday . He visited some of his class's , and was able to visit with some of his Friends and at times became a bit emotional . He also received a warm welcome from the kids who have yet to meet him .

    Billy's blood counts were checked yesterday , and were on the rise . His ANC was at 9900 , and at that level he doesn't require the daily injection of GCSF *wink* .
     Thur. 21 Aug. 2003  
    First of all , I(we) would like to acknowledge receipt of a gift from Maurine E. . Thank you very much , and yes we will surly put it to "good" use *wink* . Thank you as well for the warmth that accompanied your note , we too , miss you and hope you are doing well . Alicia and Billy send their Love , and hope that it's not too very long before we see you again . Thank you for your continued thought's and Prayer's as well .

    Billy had a good day today in his tele-class's (Science & Geography), and managed to grab a nap in between *wink* . Although his counts are up , he still feels some what fatigued when he has to exert himself , which is expected .

    Alicia is beginning to feel some of the effects of all the stress that goes along with defeating the "Cancer Monster" in Billy . Her MS is beginning to show it's ugly face as well . Her legs are really starting to bother her , and she had one "heck" of a headache yesterday . She will try and get a dose of IV steroids before we head to PR next week for Juani's (her Brother) wedding . The steroids are a pretty good "temporary" relief for an attack of the "MS Monster" .
     Sun. 24 Aug. 2003  
    Welcome back to "stormy St. Pete." ! All is well here at Billy's house , except for the frequent thunder storm lately *wink* ; It has been pretty active around here the past week or so . The usual predictable afternoon thunder storms seem to have their clocks out of wack !

    We are getting ready for our trip to PR , and Juani's wedding . Billy is really excited to be going , and can't wait to see where his Mom grew up . It has been about 28 years since I was last in PR , and Alicia hasn't been back in 14 years , so it will truly be one trip to remember *wink* . I'll update you all as to how everything went when we return . So , until then.................see 'ya !
     Wed. 3 Sept. 2003
    Welcome back to Billy's Page ! We arrived home late yesterday . What a wonderful trip we had to Puerto Rico . There is so very much to tell of our trip , but let me first say that Billy is doing just fine , and was to be admitted ACH this afternoon for his next round of chemo , but when we got to the Hospital his counts were too low (700) , so we'll try again on Friday . This is really troubling because Billy was exposed to all sorts of things while in PR . Billy took part in his tele-class (English , Lit.) this morning as well*wink* .

    We took so many photo's , and I'll get some of them posted here as soon as I can get a chance to view and edit them for the website .
    The Wedding was Beautiful , as was the Bride and Groom . The setting was gorgeous , and the weather cooperated as well !
    ...............More to Come.................. !!
     Thur. 4 Sept. 2003
    Let me introduce you all to Annie B.. Annie and her Church group hold weekly Prayer for Billy and his recovery . Annie lives in PR , and is long time Friend of Alicia's Family . She often visit's Billy's Page and leaves a message in Billy's Guest Book ! It was really nice to finally meet her (in person)*wink* .
    Click on the photo to see a larger image !

    Here is a Great photo ! you can also click it to see a larger version . The Hotel we stayed at in PR had a beautiful roof-top pool which we made good use of ! Here (l-r) is uncle Fern , Billy , uncle Jorge , and uncle Frank taking in some sunshine and games ! Billy really enjoyed his time in the pool , which was a great source of exercise as well .

    Please let me introduce Isa and her Husband Edwardo . Isa is a childhood Friend of Alicia . We visited with them as well in PR , and were invited to spend the day with them on their boat . We spent the day traveling the north east coast of PR and in San Juan Bay and Old San Juan . It was a Beautiful day , and ended too quickly . Billy had a wonderful time , although we didn't catch any fish ! We trolled for a "Big One" ! Click the photo to see a larger version !!

    Here again is Edwardo entertaining Billy on the Bridge . Billy was really excited about being out in the Ocean on a boat ! Billy got around just fine while on the boat , and was even able to play some play station in the cabin with Isa's Son Ian !! Billy and Ian were able to catch some fish when we returned to the marina with the help of Ian's Sister Mirenxu who also was on the trip with us .

    Let me introduce Carlitos and his Wife Ithamar . You may remember them from the previous page when they were here and came to the Hospital to visit Billy . We also had a great time with them while in PR , although the time was short . Billy was able to race Carlitos in the Grand Torisimo game on play station !! Thanks for the fine evening , we hope to see 'ya soon ! Click the photo to see a larger version !

    And last but not least , let me introduce to you the New Mr. and Mrs. Juan Casacuberta !! The reason we all were in PR to begin with !! Yes , you can click the photo to see a much better version ! The ceremony was spectacular , and the party to follow was just as spectacular !! They make a great couple , don't 'ya think !! Thank you Juan and Guaydia for allowing us to be a special part of your Lives . We wish you all the very best that Life has to offer .

    So , as you can see , we had a very busy trip to PR and an enjoyable one to say the least *wink*. We have all come away with some very fond memories of which some we'll not soon forget . I hope you've enjoyed sharing them with us , and will continue to follow us on "Our Journey With Billy"
    Good Night *wink*
     Sat. 6 Sept. 2003
    Well , tropical storm Henri just missed us here in St. Pete . We got some rain and a little wind , but no real threat .

    Billy was released from the Hospital this afternoon , and all is well . We are getting down to the end of Billy's 48 week protocol . Billy has a total of 8 more days left of chemotherapy ; one 6 day admission (in 3 weeks) , and two 1 day admission's . If Billy doesn't get a fever from any of the remaining sessions he should be finished with his chemo by the end of October , at which time he'll spend a couple weeks at Shriners in Tampa for some serious physical therapy on his leg . If all goes as scheduled , Billy should be back at school , and back to "normal" by the Thanksgiving Holiday .

    In two weeks it'll be 1 year since Billy's diagnosis , it seems like "forever" . We have come a long way , and now that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel I can't help but think about the children we have met along the way who have not been as fortunate as Billy . We see the devastation brought upon Families , and the pain in their children . Children do not deserve the hand dealt by cancer , nor do they deserve to lose . Yes , we still have a long road ahead of us , and with your continued thoughts and prayers Billy will truly defeat his "Cancer Monster" .
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