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     Thurs. 25 Sept. 2003  
    Hello again*wink* . Another set back today , Billy's platelet counts were too low to be admitted for his next round of chemotherapy . This will add another week or so to Billy's treatments . These set backs can't be avoided . If Billy's system has not rebounded enough to handle the Chemo. , his next session is put off until his system can efficiently drugs without risk of further damage . We will try again on Monday and see how his counts are .

    We did receive some very good news in the mail today ! Billy received his grades for his classes , and I am PROUD to tell you all that Billy got...
    3 A's and 1 B for the 1st semester ! Way 'ta go Billy !
     Tues. 30 Sept. 2003
    Well , Billy was not admitted yesterday as expected . His platelets are still on the decline , and went from 88 on Friday to 59 yesterday . They should be at 100 or greater with an ANC of over 800 to be admitted for chemo . Billy was really upset because he wants to get this over with already , and has been set back enough time (3 weeks) . He is so close , and yet so far . We all know that his body has to be able to handle all of these drugs , and he doesn't need any further complications . Billy will have his counts checked again on Thursday , with hopes of being admitted on Friday , Oct. 3rd .

    ** Also , Annie B. ; Please pass on our Thank You to Don Angel *wink* , we received his gift in the mail yesterday , It is Very Much Appreciated .
     Tues. 7 Oct. 2003
    Hello all *wink* . Alot of frustration here at Billy's House ! Sorry for the lapse in update's , Billy has yet to be admitted for his next round of chemo . Billy had a biopsy and aspiration done of his hip bone today to access his bone marrow . Billy's platelets are still not on the rise after 5 weeks since his last chemo , and the Dr's are concerned . Billy handled the procedure fairly well but showed his discomfort "verbally" , when Dr. B. drew the marrow from his hip . Dr. B hopes to find the reason for the lack of production when the results are back tomorrow from the biopsy . We hope there isn't something found in Billy's bone marrow that will lead back to his diagnosis . Dr. B said that he doesn't feel the tumor has affected the bone marrow (fingers crossed)*wink* . I guess saying that we'll probably not get much sleep here tonight is a moot point *wink*. We'll just have to wait till tomorrow for the results , so until then.................good 'nite .
     Wed. 8 Oct. 2003
    Preliminary readings of the pathology report on the bone marrow taken from Billy's hip yesterday came back showing no signs of cancer , but we still need to find out why Billy's counts are not responding , so other tests will be done on the bone marrow and we should know something in a week or so . Billy will have his counts checked again on Friday with the possibility of admission for chemotherapy , but if his counts are not at a higher level he'll not be admitted . Billy is so close to the end of his chemo protocol (8 days), but just can't seem to get buy these last set backs .
     Fri. 10 Oct. 2003  
    It is with a heavy heart once again that I sit and update you as to the long and winding road of our Journey to defeat cancer . Yet another child has lost his battle with ewings sarcoma , Felix passed away , and is now free from pain . He was certainly a brave young man who gave his all . This brings the number to 4 who have passed away since Billy's Journey began 13 months ago . Please pray for the Friends and Families of these precious children .

    Billy had his counts checked once again today , and his platelet count continue's to decrease , therefore he will not be admitted for his next round of chemo. We will try again on Tuesday the 14th .

    Billy is progressing well with his physical therapy , and can actually bend his knee beyond 100° and is able to walk freely without his crutches . He has regained alot of his strength and managed to gain a few pounds as well , he is up to 75 lbs. He is also continuing to do very well in his studies , but truly miss's being at school and can't wait to be able to attend once again *wink*.
     Thur. 16 Oct. 2003
    "Hey Dad , lets go outside and throw the ball around" . You don't know how I felt when Billy said that to me , so I'll tell 'ya *wink* . I almost cried (happy tears). The weather has been just beautiful , and Billy made a point of that . We had a nice time throwing the baseball back and forth to each other , so much so that we did it again today !! Billy will have his blood counts checked again tomorrow with hopes on being admitted for his next chemo session . His platelets are still not rebounding as they should have , and it's been over 5 weeks since his last chemo. I really hope Billy can get this last 6 day chemo. session behind him . As I said before , Billy's platelets were at 49 , down from 59 a week ago . The counts must be at 100 or better in order to be admitted . We are still awaiting the other test results that were done on Billy's bone marrow last week as well .

    I want to thank Bob and Judi Q. for the card Billy received today . Yes , Billy really looks forward to the arrival of the mailman ! Thank You *wink*
     Sat. 18 Oct. 2003
    Hello , and welcome back to Billy's Page . I have no simple way to say what has transpired over the past 24 hours , but we owe it to you all for all you've done , and continue to do for Billy . We went for blood counts again yesterday , and yes , Billy's platelets were again not responsive . We were then informed that Dr. B would like to talk with us . Dr. B came into the room and asked Billy if he could talk to us . Thinking about it now , can you possibly realize what Billy must have thought as he left the room . I feel so terrible about that episode , we never have kept Billy out of any of the conversation's we've had concerning him . Now , can you imagine what Billy must have thought when Dr. B left the room and Billy came back in to see Alicia and I sobbing uncontrollably . "What's wrong with me"? , he asked as he too began to cry . We talked to him and calmed him down as we explained what we had just learned of his condition . We were only concerned for his immediate state of mind , and would get into it more when we arrived home . Dr. B came back in to see if Billy had any questions for him regarding the "New Monster" in his life known as MDS (Myelodysplastic syndromes)explained below :

    Myelodysplastic syndromes were first described as pre-leukemic conditions in the early 1930's and were not treated as a separate group of disorders until 1976. Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) the bone marrow stops making healthy blood cells and instead produces poorly functioning and immature blood cells. This means that individuals with MDS can have anemia, infection and bleeding. The bone marrow is usually described as hyperplastic or hypercellular, containing increased number of cells. A small percentage of MDS patients have hypoplastic bone marrow making the disease look similar to aplastic anemia. In some cases MDS will progress over time to become acute leukemia. These are relatively new diseases; therefore the number of diagnosed cases is increasing. It is believed that there are approximately 20,000 to 30,000 new cases of MDS each year in the United States. The highest incidence is in patients over 60 years of age though people of all ages, including children, are diagnosed with MDS each year.

    I truly don't know how , or if I can sit here and start this new chapter in Our Journey with Billy . I am totally drained of emotion . This news was totally unexpected , we were so very close to the end of this whole mess just to have our Hearts ripped out once again . Once again I will plead with all of you who have been by our sides from the beginning to continue sending your Thoughts , Prayers , and Love to Billy , he needs it now , more than ever .

    Learn more about MDS : Click here and Here

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