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bpbullit Sat. 6 Mar. 2004 partly sunny   727-898-7451 Room # 272 A
Welcome back to Billy's Page. Today is Day +2 on Billy's BMT calendar. Let me explain what I mean by saying, this is day +2. Billy's bone marrow transplant was done on Day "0", and we are counting UP the days from now on. Billy will be tested on scheduled days to see if the BMT has worked (engrafted). On Day +13 Tests will be done to give us an idea as to how well the "Stem Cells" Billy received in the BMT are becoming part of Billy's own "Blood manufacturing system"., and on day + 28, Billy will have another bone marrow aspiration done to measure the percentage of donor cells that have replaced Billy's. Of course we are hoping Billy will test out to be 100% donor on Day + 28, or something as close to 100% as possible. If Billy is tested to be 100% donor , then this would mean that at that point, the BMT was successful, and Billy's immune system, and blood manufacturing system (bone marrow) are "NEW". This is what we are ALL praying for, this will save Billy's Life. Todays counts are: WBC @ 0.11, RBC @ 4.01, Hemoglobin @ 12.2, platelets @ 30..
Billy had a restless night, as did Alicia. Billy's major side effects of his chemo., and BMT thus far, have been very bad nausea, vomiting, and diarreha. Due to the fact that Billy's temporary prosthesis is very unstable, Billy has to have assistance if he needs to go #1, or #2 *wink*. Billy needs to have his leg brace put on, and sometimes it just doesn't happen fast enough......if you know what I mean*wink*!!

Billy had a pretty good day, as compared to the last few. A few bouts with nausea, and vomiting were included. Billy had a good breakfast, and retained most of it. His attitude was excellent today, and he managed to stay up all day as we entertained each other. We had a very Special, unexpected phone call from our Friend Mary M. from Michigan. It was so great to finally speak to you Mary, you have been by Billy's side through all, even as your 'lil one fights his own "C" Monster. I'm sorry Billy wasn't feeling so well when you called, and Alicia wasn't here, they would have loved to speak to you as well. Thank you once again for your continued thoughts, Love, and Prayers.

Later this afternoon, a few of the Pittsburgh Pirate baseball players stopped by to see Billy. They stayed long enough to have a photo taken by their PR people, wished Billy well, and left. Billy is in semi-isolation, so he is limited as to who can come into his room........we kinda snuck 'em in , shhhhh ! It's really nice to have the "celebrities" stop by when they get a chance, it is Spring Training season for the Major League Baseball teams, and Florida is where the majority of the teams have their training camps. Alot of them are in the Tampa Bay area, and make an honest effort to stop by to see the Children on the weekends.

As Alicia returned to the Hospital this evening, and as I was getting myself ready to head on Home, Dr. Petrovic came in to see Billy and said, "Billy, you are doing fantastic". All of Billy's lab tests for today were outstanding, and she is so very happy that, despite the unavoidable side effects, Billy is doing as well as he is. That was so good to hear. I also heard, once again tonight from Mr. Eric Horner, and he was as gracious as ever. He asked us if it would be alright if he, a good Friend Arnie, and his darling Wife Debby, came to see Billy. They are coming to specifically see Billy! Arnie and his fellow Church members have donated the dollars for their Air fare, so that this trip can be taken at this time. They will also meet with a group from Hudson (Pasco Cty.) that they are involved with, who have made "Memorial" quilts for those lost in "Operation Iraqi Freedom". How much goodness can one Human Being possess? He is tireless in his efforts to bring "Joy" to others, Of course They can come to see Our Son!! The question is.......can we keep a secret *wink*.
Please Pray for Billy.....................
bpbullit Sun. 7 Mar. 2004 partly sunny
Welcome back to Billy's Page. Today is Day +3 on Billy's BMT calendar. (9:00 am) Alicia and I have a "DATE" tonight ! Billy is allowing us to spend some time together, and watch the season opening of the "Saprano's" at 9:00pm ! I will try and get you all an update before then *wink*! See you all later................

Later it is, 2:00pm!! Billy's counts for today : WBC @ 0.09, RBC @ 3.98, Hemoglobin @ 11.8, and platelets are at 24.. I had an an Idea that I could update from Billy's room, on his computer, I just had to download, and install my HTML editor to this machine. I won't make a habit of this though, I prefer to update Billy's page at Home, as I "unwind", You all know how I feel about "Billy's Page", *wink*.

Billy had a very restless night once again. He was up from 10pm until 2am with his head in his hands, and in the "bucket"*wink*. Both he, and Alicia didn't get much sleep. I talked Alicia into leaving the Hospital a little earlier than her normal, "whatever time she wants, time" ! She went home at 9am, and went to sleep in her own bed. Oooops, I have to call and wake her up !! She's up !! I'm glad she could get a couple hours of sleep at home.......so is Billy ! Billy, just woke up as well. I did have to wake him a few times this morning so he can do his "mouth care" though, and to pee ! He has a special liquid he has to rub the insides of his mouth with using a sponge applicator, and follow that up with a "swish and spit" mouth wash. This is to keep the awful mouth sores associated with radiation, and chemotherapy to a minimum. Billy has been lucky thus far, as the sores are few. Billy is in a fairly good mood, as I update you. He just had a few saltines, and some water, and is watching some TV. He asked me to say"hello" to all of you, and "Thank you for being there for him."

Thank you Renèe and family for the card *wink*. You too Laurie B., thank you once again for your Prayers, you're too much, *wink*. Father Gibbons stopped by to see Billy this afternoon, and brought with him a card and banner, made by, and signed by, the kids at St. Pauls ! Thank you so much ! It was very up-lifting for Billy to see.

Dr. Petrovic came by while Billy was awake, and reported to him that he is doing "fantastic". She will be adding nutrients to Billy's IV fluids, because he is not very hungry, and we are not to force him to eat. She will reduce the IV feeding when Billy responds better to "food". Dr. Petrovic also is thinking about GCSF, to stimulate Billy's white blood cell production. This will, if she decides to do it, be done on or about day +7. If Billy is going to get HVGD (host vs graft disease) it will show itself at this time. There is still a few days till then, so we'll see what happens, and what decisions are to be made.
Please Pray for Billy.......................
bpbullit Mon. 8 Mar. 2004 partly sunny
Welcome back to Billy's Page. Today is Day +4 on Billy's BMT calendar.
I hope this update finds you, Billy's Friends, in as good a mood as Billy has been in all day ! Click the photo to see your Friend Billy look 'in just "peachy". Can you believe it? Neither can his Dr.'s. Todays counts are :WBC @ 0.06, RBC @ 4.06, Hemoglobin @ 12.0, platelets @ 17.. Dr. Grana came in to see Billy this afternoon, and she also told Billy, and us , that he is doing just "fantastic", almost "too good". I truly believe that your Prayers are saving Our Son's Life, I really do. ANYWAY......................, I want to Thank (for Billy), Mateo V., one of Billy's good Friends, and class mate, for the card Billy received today. I would also like to thank Billy's good Friend Trevor B., for the card Billy received today as well. Billy really miss's you guy's *wink*. And Mrs. Cartier, thank you once again for your card, it means alot to us !Billy had a wonderful day today, he was in good spirits just about all day. He was visited by Dr. Anderson, the psycologist who will be in close contact with Billy throughout this treatment. Billy had a long, and private conversation with her, and she informed us that Billy is "one outstanding Child". He is a bit withdrawn though, over the past few days, but she assures us that he is "Still Billy", from head to toe !! She will check in on Billy a couple times a week.........Billy insisted !!

To the right ---> you can see what blood platelets look like. Some of you were curious, so as usuall, I put a page together for 'ya to better understand my presentation of Billy's Page. Billy received a transfusion of platelets today, which is why I added this image for you to see, and have an idea as to what platelets look like. Click the photo to see a larger version of the image. Dr. Petrovic would like to keep Billy's platelet count above 50.000 for as long as possible, or until Billy starts producing his own healthy cells*wink*.

Hey, did any of you get to see the view of the planet Venus this evening, in the south western sky? It looks Beautiful, and it is so bright. Combined with the almost full moon, it looks spectacular. Also, in case you are wondering, Alicia and I had a wonderful hour and a half together last night. A glass of wine, and the "Soprano's", what a date *wink*. Seriously, It was nice to enjoy one of our favorite show's together, maybe next Sunday we can do it again !!
Please pray for Billy.................
bpbullit Tues. 9 Mar. 2004 partly sunny
Welcome back to Billy's Page. Today is Day +5 on Billy's BMT calendar.
As you can see, all seems to be "Just Fine" in room #272 at All Childrens Hospital, here in Sunny St. Pete., Florida *wink*, click on the photo to view a larger version. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the next few days will bring the same results as the past 5 days have. Billy is really amazing every one involved in this transplant process, and they are all happy to see him in such good spirits, and with an energy level beyond expectations. As I said earlier, we hope this will continue *wink*. Billy's counts today are : WBC @ 0.07, RBC @ 4.04, Hemoglobin @ 12.3, and platelets are up to 60., from 17. after yesterday's transfusion ! We are hoping to see a rise in Billy's WBC over the coming days, or as I said in yesterday's update, Dr. Petrovic may stimulate the production of WBC by giving Billy IV GCSF.

We want to thank, once again, Mary, Gary, Mayme, and Matt for the wonderful card Billy received today, along with the very kind words that followed it to us *wink*. The photo of Matt is Great, we finally get to see your "Survivor" in person.
Thank you too Helen (Guardian Angel Artist) for the Beautiful card Billy received today, it is a wonderful thing you are doing. If we can help pass the word, please e-mail me and let me know *wink*.

Billy was also visited by his math teacher, Mrs. B, this afternoon to do some studies. Billy was a bit "pooped" afterwards. Billy managed to eat some soft food by mouth today as well, and kept it down. He is eating different types of soups that Alicia brings from Home, there's nothing better than Mom's cooking! Alicia got her weekly shot of Avonex this afternoon, and we all know how that turns out. Keep your fingers crossed that this week her reactions are few.
Once again, Thank you ALL for your continued support, thoughts, and Prayers.
Please Pray for Billy...................
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