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bpbullit Wed. 10 Mar. 2004 partly sunny   727-898-7451 Room # 272 A
Welcome back to Billy's Page.Today is Day +6 on Billy's BMT calendar.
To the left I have added a photo of Billy's "breakfast, lunch, and dinner"*wink*. This is the nutritional supplements Billy has been receiving until he is more comfortable with the sound, and taste of "food". Click the photo to see a larger one ! Todays counts are : WBC @ 0.06, RBC @ 4.09, Hemoglobin @ 12.0, Platelets @ 46.. Billy's temp. was up a bit to 37.9° (cent), 99.6° (far), so they'll keep an eye on that to see if he is starting to develop a fever. Once again Billy was in great spirits all day, and this time Alicia was able to witness for herself. You remember, that Alicia spends the nights with Billy, and she isn't able to see for herself, She is always hearing from me and others, that Billy was in a great mood. This time she was almost in tears to see Billy wake up, and smile..........."good morning Mom". It was after 2:00pm that Alicia finally decided to head Home, also with a smile on her face *wink*.
Billy would like to thank Uncle Fern for the DVD's he sent to him, and he was glad to get to speak to him on the phone last night., as well as Uncle Jorge the other day.
Dr. Petrovic came in to see Billy as part of her rounds, and informed us that Billy is "Still" doing VERY well, and that she has decided to hold off on the G-CSF until at least Day + 10. She really wants to see if his WBC come up to normal levels on it's own (fingers crossed).
bpbullit G-CSF:Granulocyte-colony stimulating factor, is a protein hormone commonly administered to cancer patients to combat neutropenia (low white blood cell count) during chemotherapy.
As I drove up to our Home this evening, after leaving the Hospital, I was met by Our Friend Mike, the Father of Billy's good Friend, Dyami. He asked about Billy, and stopped by to leave a "little something" for Billy. Mike is an Editor for our local Newspaper, the St. Pete. Times. On September 9th of 2003, Billy was invited By The Childrens Dream Fund to Tropicana Field, the home of Our Local Professional Baseball Team, The Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Billy was asked if he would honor them by throwing out the first pitch, Billy was delighted, and Alicia and I were so Proud of him. It was 8 months after his leg surgery, and he walked out on the Field, to the pitchers mound, and threw the first pitch. We took a few photo's of the event, but nothing could match what was in an envelope I now held in my hands. You see, through some of his connections, Mike was able to get a video tape of the "whole event". Billy is going to just go "BANANA'S" ! Thank you so very much Mike, I just watched the video, and Billy looked so good. You can see how very proud he was to be able to do this. You are a true Friend Mike, and Alicia and I Love 'ya for all you've done for Billy............and us. THANK YOU, Alisa, and the "kids". Also, Thank you to Carmen, in Public Relations of the Devil Rays, for all her effort's in gaining access to this tape. THANK YOU !

We would also like to send out a Special "THANK YOU" to Marcy, and the Kid's at South Side Fundamental Middle School, for the Fabulous photo Album that was made and presented to Billy today, I truly believe if Alicia and I weren't there, Billy would have shed a tear or two. He was so Happy to see his Friends, and how much they have all grown. Thank you Guy's, We Love You !*wink*. Thank you too, for the fabulous treat from Mazzarro's ! YUMMY !
A great big THANK YOU as well to the McDonough's and the "Sunshine Committee" of Ohio, for the Beautiful Cards Billy received today, especially the hand painted one. That was so very thoughtful of you guy's, as well as artistic.
Please Pray for Billy................
bpbullit Thur. 11 Mar. 2004 partly sunny
Welcome back to Billy's Page.Today is Day +7 on Billy's BMT calendar.
Billy's Cards !Let me Thank Mrs. Cartier, and her 5th grade class at Lake View Fundamental for the wonderful card Billy received today. The card was signed by all the students ! Thanks Kids !! Speaking about cards*wink* I thought I'd take a photo of Billy's "Card Wall" for you all to see ! Can you see your card? Click the photo to see a larger one!!

Billy's counts today are : WBC @ 0.04, RBC @ 3.64, Hemoglobin @ 10.9, and platelets @ 29.. By the looks of Billy's counts, you can probably know that he isn't feeling very well today. Billy found it very hard to wake up this morning, in fact , he didn't wake until around noon. Maybe it had something to do with the plumber coming in this morning at 8am to fix the bathroom sink. Add that to the "list" of reasons you can't get a nites sleep in the Hospital *wink*. Billy is very weak because his RBC and Hemoglobin counts are so low. He was very pale looking all day, and didn't allow me to take a photo *wink*. Billy did manage to gather himself after an hour or so, but truly was noticeably weaker than most days. Dr. Petrovic's visit to Billy gave us the same results as previous rounds, Billy is progressing "wonderfully". She does notice an increase in mouth sores, and Billy is becoming a bit more uncomfortable from them. Billy is now rinsing his mouth every hour with the peradex to try and keep them to a minimum. Today is "one week", 7 days, since the BMT, and at this time the true side effects should be showing themselves. Lets hope things will be as "mild" as they have been. Billy wanted me to tell you, Mrs. Baker, that he was sorry he wasn't up to class today *wink*, maybe tomorrow.

Dr. Petrovic told Billy, because he was wondering, that he hasn't lost his hair this time because some Children of Spanish decent are "luckier" than others ! It's in the genes ! All of Billy's Uncles (Alicia's Brothers) are quite hairy guy's !! Billy may not lose his hair due to the radiation and chemotherapy ! He really Loves his hair, and hasn't had it much over the past year and a half (18 months).
Please Pray for Billy...................
bpbullit Fri. 12 Mar. 2004 partly sunny
Welcome back to Billy's Page.Today is Day +8 on Billy's BMT calendar. Billy woke this morning, and was feeling very weak, mostly because his RBC and hemoglobin are so low. Todays counts are : WBC @ 0.04, RBC @ 3.52, Hemoglobin @ 9.9, and platelets @ 21.. Billy tried his best to eat some cereal for breakfast, but was unable to keep it down, this really frustrates him, but he knows all he can do is keep trying.
I would like to point out that Our State Governor, Jeb Bush, FINALLY signed into law, the "revised" Kid Care Bill, which will free up some 25 million dollars, and help ease the strain put on Families with Children who are in need of medical care. This will all but eliminate the "waiting list" on which 90,000 children are now on. As you all know, Alicia and I were very "active" in this effort to "get something done" about this dreadful situation. Lets hope this is the beginning of a "good thing".

The mailman had to make a special trip to room 272, 2 South West today*wink*. We would like to acknowledge the cards and gifts that Billy received today. First of all, We would like to Thank Ms. mariani, one of Billy's teachers, for coming by to see Billy, and presenting Billy with the wonderful card, and the Blockbuster Gift Certificate from all the teachers! Billy will sure make good use of it *wink*. Click the camera to see a photo of Billy and Ms. Mariani ! You can click the next camera to see a photo of Billy and his Science Teacher as well, Ms. Watkins , who also came to see Billy today. It was so nice to meet the two of you, I hope you can stop by again to meet Alicia *wink*
We would also like to thank Gail L., from Alabama, for the cards, angel pin, award badge, and Prayer book that was received today, Thank you so much for your "constant" connection to Billy, Alicia, and I*wink*.
Thank you to the Beresh's for the great package, and card Billy received today! He is already adding the "stickers' to his card wall.
Give that 'lil guy of yours a {{{{BIG HUG}}}} from us, ok !
Thank you so much to the McLeod family (once again), for the card, and family photo. It is so nice to meet your entire Family, even if only in a Photo, Thank you all.
Thank you to Mrs. cartier, and ALL of the Teachers, and staff at Lake View Fundamental for the Wonderful card. Billy sends out a Special Hello to all of the 5th grade teachers from last year !!
Thank you once again, to Mrs. Lima, for the card Billy received today ! Billy said he will do his best to attend class's next week, he misses you guy's too *wink*.
Thank you to Marcy, Renee, Lori B., and Michelle D. for the Gift certificate to Out Back Steak house. You know Alicia and I will make "good" use of it, Thank you.
Thank you once again to Eric Horner, for the phone call today, and the words of encouragement. Billy is looking forward to your visit on Monday, as are we.

Dr. Petrovic came to see Billy this afternoon, and once again, said that Billy is doing very well. Billy's mouth and throat are a bit sore, as is his stomach, all signs to be looking for as he heads into some tense days ahead in his BMT process.

Billy was presented a Very Rare Yu-Gi-Oh card this afternoon. The card was given to our good Friend Michelle's Son Bradley, by his good Friend Brandon, as a gift for Billy ! Billy won't let it out of his site !! Thank you Guy's !!
Please Pray for Billy....................
bpbullit Sat. 13 Mar. 2004 partly sunny
Welcome back to Billy's Page.Today is Day +9 on Billy's BMT calendar. Todays counts are: WBC @ 0.03, RBC @ 3.33, Hemoglobin @ 9.2, platelets @ 14.. Billy received a platelet transfusion this morning so that his platelet counts will be above 20,000. Billy is starting to have alot of pain associated with the growing number of mouth, and throat sores caused by the mucusitis, brought on by the lack of WBC. Billy is also very tired, and weak, and a bit upset because he is losing his hair after all, "oh well *wink*. Billy did manage to smile some this afternoon, and we talked a bit !! Billy will be very uncomfortable for the next few weeks, the pain management people are going to put Billy on the "on demand" pain pump to ease the pain. Billy will have access to a button that can be pushed when the pain is at an unbearable point. He told us that he knows it is available, and won't suffer if he can help it. Billy has a very high tolerance for pain, but can do with out it *wink*.

Ama and Apa are coming down to Florida for a few weeks, and will be stopping here in St. Pete. for a day or two before heading down to Miami to see their new Grand Daughter Adriana. Billy, Alicia and I, can't wait to see them, It seems like such a long time since they were here, but it has only been 3 months or so, They should be in town on Monday.
Please Pray for Billy..................
bpbullit Sun. 14 Mar. 2004 partly sunny 82°
Welcome back to Billy's Page. Today is Day +10 on Billy's BMT calendar. Todays counts are: WBC @ 0.02, RBC @ 2.94, hemoglobin @ 8.4, and platelets are up to 38.000, after yesterdays transfusion. Billy will receive his "last" dose ( of 4) of Methotrexate tomorrow.
What is Methotrexate?
This medicine acts by altering the body's use of folic acid (a vitamin), which is needed for cell growth. Scientists suspect that this interference with folic acid is an important reason for methotrexate's benefit in rheumatoid arthritis. Methotrexate belongs to a group of medicines that are called "second-line therapies" or "disease-modifying anti rheumatic drugs." These drugs may affect the activity of RA to a greater extent than commonly prescribed drugs, such as aspirin or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Methotrexate is usually taken along with NSAIDs. It may begin to work as early as three to six weeks after beginning treatment.
Once again I'll point to the "NORMAL" blood count levels, which are :
WBC: 4.0 - 10.5
RBC: 4.20 - 5.60
Hemoglobin: 12.5 - 16.1
Platelets: 150.000 - 450.000
Today is the 18th day of Billy's Hospital stay, and everything seems to be right on course. Billy is very weak, and tired; his mouth and throat pain has been kept stable, and he hasn't required any sort of pain medication intervention as of yet. Billy slept well into the afternoon today, which is good in a way; at least he is more comfortable while asleep *wink*. when he finally woke up he was in pretty good spirits, as usual, and played some play station games. Food still doesn't interest him because of his sores, and lack of taste. Billy is still receiving IV "food suppliments." We are told, and we should expect to see some sort of response to the Bone Marrow Transplant, in that, Billy's counts should increase, or at least start to increase, on or about Day + 17, without being "stimulated" by G-CSF. Until then, this week will be Billy's worst, or so it should be *wink*, if the process holds true. Billy has shown to be the "exception" to the rule of late, though. Time will tell.
Please Pray for Billy....................
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