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Sun . 6 Oct . 2002
elcome to Page # 4 of our Journey with Billy . Although Billy has lost his appetite , he still manages to eat some of his food . His jaw pain is really keeping the food out of his mouth more than anything . He knows that if he wants to go home on Tuesday he has to show the Dr.'s that he is eating , so we'll see ! Alicia's Mom ( Ama ) , and Brother ( Juan )arrived today . it was good to see them . I know this is tough on them as well to see Billy is this condition . I was feeling pretty tired , so I came home for a bit . It is great that we are only 2 miles from the Hospital , and can go home every now and then . Alicia , Juani , and Ama are still at the Hospital with Billy . His team , The Buccaneers won again today 20 - 6 , and are now 4 and 1 .
I want to thank you all once again for all of your Support , thoughts , and Prayers . Also for the Cards we've received in snail mail , through the Website , and in the . It is truly a pleasure to read all of the postings , cards , and letters . Although Billy hasn't seen all of the entries , he will get the chance when he is able to come home , and I am sure he will be just as happy as Alicia and I am . It certainly means alot to Us , and I hope you all understand just how much strength this provides . Let me go unwind a bit , I will update Billy's Page again soon . So until then , be well .
Mon . 7 Oct . 2002
Hello , and welcome back . It is now 6:45 pm , we just finished dinner . Yes , at home ! We brought Billy home this evening . He is doing great , besides the occasional sickness . Uncle Juani spent the night at the Hospital with Billy , while Alicia , Ama and I spent a quiet night at home . Billy is glad to be home , as you can imagine , and " Kitty " ( his cat ) was just as glad to see him . We were given some medications for Billy while he is home . We have to give him an injection once a day , as well as monitor him for fever . He is expected to get a fever , and we are to return to the Hospital if it should be 101 or higher . We also have to get his blood monitored twice a week to check his blood counts . Providing there are no complications at home , Billy is scheduled to return to the Hospital on Oct . 22 for his 2nd Chemotherapy session . We should know by then if they will follow the same protocol with the drugs . As you know , Billy is on a pretty aggressive amount of drugs , This may be altered at some point .
Uncle Juani will be heading back to Miami tomorrow morning , but Ama will be staying for some time . Thanks Juani for all your help , we really appreciate it *wink*. Hope you are able to come back soon . Billy got another dozen get well cards today ! They were from all over the Country , from all of the nice people who we've met on the Net since Billy's Page was started . Thank you all ! You know who you are ! Well let me go enjoy some quality time with My Son ! See you all later , be well .
Tues . 8 Oct . 2002
Hello all , thank you for joining us . Billy is home as you know . He was up and down all night with a sick stomach . He is resting now . Alicia administered his injection last night . She feels better doing it because as you know she injects herself once a week for her MS condition . She admits that it is not easy injecting Our Son though . Billy has absolutely no desire to eat , and finds it difficult to swallow even water . He knows that it is very important to do both though . Uncle Juani left for Miami this morning , after spending the night by Billy's bedside ( Thanks Juani ). Ama made her home made Chicken and rice last night , and although the Food at the Hospital was great , it was a pleasure to have some home cooking ! 7:00 pm : Billy just had dinner , and just as quick , gave it up . To the right are the eyes of Our Angel . I just couldn't pass up this photo op. As the eyes are the window to our soul , I believe you can find a story there . Look into these eyes , what do you see ? I see the most precious Gift a father could ever hope for . I see a Son I Loved even before I knew his name . I see my Grandchildren , I see my Wife , I see me , and I see his Soul . I cry for him , when he can't see me . I'm strong for him when he can . I am the Father of these eyes , I Loved them before they could see . I am the father " Behind these eyes ", and part of the World they see , I Love you My Son . Good night .
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Wed . 9 Oct . 2002
Welcome back to Billy's Page . Billy had a pretty lack-luster day today , and spent most of the day in bed . He did get in some computer time though . He checked his e-mail , and guest book entries . Almost 300 of you have signed his guest book , and added a pin to his guest map . Thank you *wink* . We have to be at the Hospital tomorrow morning at 9:00 to have Billy's Blood counts checked . His red and white blood cells should show a marked decrease , and have to be monitored . His immune system is really cut to a minimum , and prone to attack . We have to give Billy an injection every day while he is home to boost his immune system .
Billy got sick a few times today as expected , but slept all night without incidence . Alicia and her Mom ( Ama ) had the chance to get out today for awhile , which was a good thing ! I managed to get some yard work done as well .
Billy had some ravioli for dinner , and was able to keep it down ( so far )! We have to give him his shot in about a half hour , and he knows it *grin* . We have a cream called EMLA that we put on the injection site an hour before the injection so it doesn't hurt . It works really good , Alicia is going to try it when she has to give herself her shot on Tuesdays . Well , until next time . Good night .
Thurs . 10 Oct . 2002
Hello to all Our friends . Billy went to the Hospital this morning to have his blood counts checked . We spent a few hours there as they accessed his IV port and administered fluids because he was a bit de-hydrated . They also gave Billy some medicine for his nausea , which worked just fine . Billy's white blood cells were at their lowest level , and he is at the most dangerous point in this Chemo session . He is at risk for infection , colds , and any other disease . He needs to be very careful the next week or so as his white blood cells are replenished to the normal levels . It should be a couple weeks , then he is ready for his next Chemotherapy session on the 22nd . The Dr. informed us that Billy SHOULD start to feel much better from now until his next session , which sounded great to him ! He never got the expected fever of 101 , and he still has his hair *wink* .
Billy was a bit upset because he missed his trip to Enterprise Village with his class mates today . He was really looking forward to it , and hopes he'll make the next trip . By the sound of one of the entries in his guest book , he was missed by the others as well . THANK YOU ALL !
When Billy's defenses are up , we will take him to school for a few hours so that he can spend some time with his classmates . This too , he is looking forward to . I hope you all have a good night , until next time .

Fri. 11 Oct. 2002
Hello , welcome back to Billy's Page # 4 . Above is a clip from Billy's School Paper , as you can see , It was dedicated to Billy . This was such a surprise for Billy . Billy's Teacher visited him earlier today and brought him the paper along with a bunch of cards made by his classmates . Billy has had a fevor of 99 all day . It is now 101 , and we are going to take him to the Hospital ( per orders ) . We don't want to take any chances , with his defenses being so low . I will try to update a bit later , It is 6 pm at this time .
Sat. 12 Oct. 2002
What a day *grin* . Billy was re-admitted to the Hospital last night with a fever of 102.5 . He was put on fluids and anti-biotics . He maintained a fever of between 101 and 102 all day today as well . Blood was taken to be analized for possible growth of infections . Billy had a pretty tranquil day , but managed to eat some . His Dr. said that he'll probably be in the Hospital till at least Monday , providing his fever subsides . Billy also lost 7 lbs. since his Chemo ended on Sunday . All of the above is expected due to the very aggressive Chemotherapy he received . He is being strong as he possibly can , and is not going to let this get the Best of him . I actually made him laugh as I was leaving the Hospital room . It sure was great to see him laugh , it's been a long time .
Dr. L-- , Billy's Surgeon , stopped by this afternoon to meet with Billy . He talked about what he will do ( the operation ) when Billy's Femur is replaced , and Billy was captivated by the procedure , and the Dr. was captivated by Billy's enthusiasm . Well , I'm gonna see if I can unwind a bit *wink* . Be Well , Good night .

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