"If you fill your heart with regrets of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow, you have no today to be thankful for."

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Welcome back to Billy's Page.Today is Day +28 on Billy's BMT calendar. Todays counts are: WBC @ 4.27, RBC @ 3.37, Hemoglobin @ 11.4, platelets @ 30,000. Can you believe these counts!! ALL ARE UP! and to top it off, the platelets are up 10,000 overnight!!
Once again I'll point to the "NORMAL" blood count levels, which are:

WBC: 4.0 - 10.5
RBC: 4.20 - 5.60
Hemoglobin: 12.5 - 16.1
Platelets: 150.000 - 450.000
Billy's bone marrow aspiration was scheduled for around noon today, but wasn't done until 4:00 this afternoon. Dr. Petrovic was very busy today. As a matter of fact, she is very busy everyday! Everything went just fine, Billy received meds to make him oblivious to what was going on, he calls it "goo goo juice!" Dr. Petrovic removed about 3 cc's of bone marrow, and immediately made a point to tell us that the marrow looked very "rich" in color, which was a great sign, visually. Dr. Petrovic took the marrow to pathology, and returned to tell Alicia and I (yes, Alicia stayed all day as well) that the preliminary findings showed NO SIGN'S of Leukemic cells! What a Great Day this has turned out to be! We will have to wait until Monday to hear the results as to the percentage of Donor Marrow that now occupies Billy's, as well as the Cytogenetics results. Dr. Petrovic see's no reason to think that it is any less than 100% Donor. All sign's point to a "very successful bone marrow transplant"! Billy's counts are ALL up, and continue to rise; Billy show's absolutely no sign's of rejection; Billy's attitude is fantastic; Billy is eating; Billy is off IV medications; You have all been witness to the Fact that, Prayer Truly Works. We are one crucial step closer to curing Billy of this terrible disease, and one case that will surly be talked about for years to come.
Thank you Lianne for stopping by to see Billy, and thank all the Girls at the Target Pharmacy in Tyrone for the Card and Gift!!
 Click to see Billy's aspiration site, and Butt Cheek!!
Please Pray for Billy.........................
bpbullit FRI. 2 Apr. 2004 sunny 80°
Welcome back to Billy's Page.Today is Day +29 on Billy's BMT calendar. Todays counts are: WBC @ 3.25, RBC @ 3.50, Hemoglobin @ 10.8, platelets @ 34,000. Billy's ANC is @ 1527, just at the low end of the Normal level. Billy's counts are still low, but very responsive. RBC are up slightly, and platelets are up another 4,000 from yesterday thumbs-up. As I mentioned in a previous update, the Platelets are usually the last of the blood cells to respond to a BMT, and in Billy's case, the steady increase in platelet counts is a wonderful thing to see at this stage. Billy did have a bit of a hard time with the "pill version", and "liquid version" of the cyclosporine last night, so it was administered by IV over 2 hours. The pill version is a LARGE pill, or 7 smaller pills. Billy had a hard time with the "7 pills", and the liquid tasted, and smelled like a SKUNK"! Billy has always had a problem with pills, but the only way is to be released from here, is to be able to take his meds by mouth. He has done very well with all the other pills, though they are all smaller in size.

Physical therapy came to see Billy around 1:00 this afternoon, and Billy was up, and out of bed walking around his room, and we had a game of catch with the soft football. They try and visit with Billy a few times a week, but since Billy was not feeling well, he hasn't been out of bed to exercise, he did what he could while in bed. It is very important for him to keep flexing the muscles of his right leg, as well as the rest of his body. Click on the camera's below to see the photo's of Billy I took today!

Thank you Debby and Eric H., from Nashville! Billy received your card today! Hope you are having a great time, and enjoying your Cruise!
Thank you Mary M., and family from the "Soo"! Billy received yet another one of your cards today! You guy's are the "Bestest"!
 Click to see a photo of Billy "out of bed", in his chair!!

 Click to see a photo of Billy walking today during PT!
bpbullit Billy's Page went over the 18,000(entered through opening page)visitor mark today! Also, Billy's Guestbook was signed 1,200 times, as of today!!
Please Pray for Billy.........................
bpbullit Sat. 3 Apr. 2004 sunny 78°
Welcome back to Billy's Page.Today is Day +30 on Billy's BMT calendar. Todays counts are: WBC @ 4.48, RBC @ 3.91, Hemoglobin @ 11.5, platelets @ 39,000, ANC @ 2688. What can I say? I know, Billy is coming home on Wednesday!! Thats right, Dr. Petrovic said that Billy can probably go home this wednesday, if Billy's counts continue to rise as they have been. Once again, Billy's platelets went up by 5000 as you can see, and the WBC are up a point and a half. The RBC are up as well, and are just outside the "Normal" level by a half a point. Tomorrow will put all his counts in the "Normal" levels, and we are very hopeful that they'll remain there. Billy had no problems with the "pills" last night, and we hope he'll continue to do well tonight*wink*.
Billy was so happy to hear Dr. Petrovic say that he'll be going home, and she is so Proud of him and all he has done to get himself to this point. I don't want to "JINX" anything, so I'll leave it at that*wink*. We still await the results of the Cytogenetics, that are due back on Monday(fingers crossed).
I rented a carpet cleaning machine today, and got Billy's carpet all cleaned and ready for the furniture to be placed back in His room. Alicia may spend the night at home tonight so that we can help each other get Billy's room back together tomorrow morning. In the beginning of the BMT process, Dr. Petrovic was a bit skeptical as to the contact Billy should have with his "Kitty". Well, she advised us that Billy and Kitty should avoid each other for at least 2 months or so. She doesn't want to jeopardize the excellent results that Billy has experienced, and to tell you the truth, either do we. I'm sure It'll be tough at first, to keep Kitty out of Billy's room, but she'll just have to keep her distance. She normally sleeps in Billy's room when he is home, and we really don't want to have to keep his door closed. Some kind of see-through gate will be great, I'll see what my "shop skills" can cook up!!
Please Pray for Billy.........................
bpbullit Sun. 4 Apr. 2004 sunny 79°
Welcome back to Billy's Page.Today is Day +31 on Billy's BMT calendar. Todays counts are: WBC @ 5.09, RBC @ 3.51, Hemoglobin @ 10.9, platelets @ 39,000, ANC @ 3104. Billy's counts continue to hold stable, or increase where expected. Dr. Grana commented that it is a "strong" Billy, and a great Donor match that explains our wonderful results thus far. Do you know how good it is to hear that? I'm sure you do*wink*. Alicia never made it home last night, Billy received his first dose of IVIG(Gamma globulin, immune globulin, intravenous immunoglobulin, Gammagard) last night, and it had to be monitored very closely (hourly), for any side effects. What is IVIG? read below:
Drug description: IVIG is a solution of globulins containing antibodies normally present in adult human blood. Globulins are simple proteins that provide immunity against disease. A protein is made up of several amino acids, which are the microscopic building blocks that make up all cells. Many globulins are inherited, so that the body is able from birth to fight off bacteria and other infections. IVIG is used for maintenance treatment of people who are unable to produce sufficient amounts of immune globulin antibodies. Children who are HIV+ have impaired primary and secondary responses to infection. IVIG can help prevent or treat infections such as meningitis, bacteremia, osteomyelitis, septic arthritis, acute sinusitis, pneumonia, acute mastoiditis, or abscess of an internal organ.

Side effects: Side effects have not been well defined in HIV+ people, but are rare in the general population. Some pain, tenderness and muscle stiffness generally occur at the injection site and last for several hours. Headache following infusion is a possible side effect.

Dosage: IVIG is injected intravenously or intramuscularly. In studies, children were given 400 mg/kg once a month as preventive treatment for serious bacterial infections. Adults with thrombocytopenia were treated with 1 g/kg on days 1 and 2 and 1 g/kg on day 15. Thrombocytopenia means a decreased number of blood platelets which are cells important for blood clotting.

How long it may take to work: Children in the study were followed for 17 months with good response. Response to treatment in adults with HIV-related thrombocytopenia was seen in 8 days.

Managing side effects: Most adverse reactions appear to be related to the rate of administration rather than the dose and may be relieved by decreasing the rate of administration or by temporarily stopping the infusion. Oral antihistamines and analgesics may help with headaches, and have been used before beginning treatment in individuals who have headaches following infusion.

Billy showed no adverse reactions from this drug, other than the fact that they woke him and Alicia up every hour*wink* to check his vital signs.
If you remember, when Billy was diagnosed with MDS in Oct. of last year, one of the obvious signs was the trans-location of #1 and # 21 chromosomes. This situation weighed heavy on my mind since we were told of it, and I asked Dr. Grana today, if the BMT would correct this abnormality, or would Billy still present this, and can it be passed on to his children? Dr. Grana informed me that this only effected Billy's marrow genes, and that the successful BMT would correct this problem. Again, I was genuinely happy to hear this, and relieved to know that "if" Billy is able to have children, he would not pass the damaged genes on to future generations.
Billy had a good day today, and had no difficulty in taking his medications. The clock change did have it's usual effect on us all! I managed to get Billy's furniture back in his room this morning, and Alicia came home to take care of the rest......"what a team"!
Please Pray for Billy.........................
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"If you fill your heart with regrets of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow, you have no today to be thankful for."

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