"If you fill your heart with regrets of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow, you have no today to be thankful for."

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bpbullit Mon. 5 Apr. 2004 sunny 80°   727-898-7451 Room # 272 A
Welcome back to Billy's Page. Today is Day +32 on Billy's BMT calendar. Todays counts are: WBC @ 3.34, RBC @ 3.47, Hemoglobin @ 10.8, platelets @ 41,000. ANC @ 1770. Being that this is a new page, I'll point out the "NORMAL" blood count levels, which are:
WBC: 4.0 - 10.5
RBC: 4.20 - 5.60
Hemoglobin: 12.5 - 16.1
Platelets: 150.000 - 450.000
Billy's counts have dipped a bit from yesterday, but the platelet counts are up 2000 points. Dr. Petrovic informed us that all of her "kids" tested low on the WBC counts, so she believes the machine was in error today, this would explain Billy's low count. So, in reality, we could boost the ANC up some as well. Dr. Petrovic's visit today was as usual, uneventful. She is sooooooooooo very happy at the progress Billy has made, and see's no reason whay Billy can't go Home on Wednesday evening, Yes, evening. She will be out of town, at a conference, until 6:00 pm on Wednesday, and back at the Hospital about 7:00 pm, so Billy will be released after that time. She insisted that Billy keep up on his fluid intake(64 oz. per day)so that he'll not have to get IV fluids at night, at home. Billy PROMISED Dr. Petrovic that he will honor her request with NO PROBLEM!! Alicia and I started to bring most of Billy's belongings home today, as to not be overloaded on Wednesday with things to bring home. We took all the cards down(all 124 of them), and brought all the things that Billy won't need for the next two days*wink*. With that said, please send all future cards and or gifts to Billy's Home, you can find the address HERE. Everyone at the Hospital is so excited for Billy, and all he has accomplished. We will find out tomorrow morning, the cytogenetic results, when Mati, the transplant coordinator goes over Billy's discharge papers with Alicia and I. We will get all of Billy RX's, and instructions on how to care for Billy's broviac catheter while he is at home. The broviac will PROBABLY be removed in the next week or so(hopefully).
Some of you have asked, "Is this the end of Billy's Page?". NO, of course not silly!! Is my reply!! When the Dr,'s say that Billy is in remission, we will start a "New Chapter" in Billy's Journey. I will continue to Update Billy's Friends on his condition, and progress through Billy's Page. When Billy is considered "Cancer Free", then MAYBE I'll close Billy's Page, I don't know just yet. You'll just have to Stay Tuned!

We would like to thank Annie B., from PR, and all of her friends in the Prayer Circle, for the "Gift's" Billy received today. Alicia would also like to thank you for the gift she received, as well! Thank you so much Annie*wink*. Alicia said she will call you soon, OK?
Please Pray for Billy.........................
bpbullit Tues. 6 Apr. 2004 sunny 78°
Welcome back to Billy's Page. Today is Day +33 on Billy's BMT calendar. Todays counts are: WBC @ 3.86, RBC @ 3.55, Hemoglobin @ 11.0, platelets @ 41,000. ANC @ 2360.
Billy is 100% Donor
We didn't find out until 5pm that Billy was 100% Donor, but today was a fabulous day, all in all!! All of Billy's counts are UP, Dr. Petrovic is so PROUD of her Billy! What do I mean by 100% Donor, you ask? Well, When Billy started his bone marrow transplant process, he underwent some very intensive radiation, and chemotherapy, remember! Well, all of those "poisons" destroyed Billy's own bone marrow, and immune system. The bone marrow transplant was performed in hopes that the Donor marrow would find it's way to Billy's crippled system. Well, it did, and Billy's bone marrow is now "replaced" by 100% of the Donor bone marrow cells! Billy's body accepted this gift of Life as his own, and will now build on it. Billy's new bone marrow is now producing it's very own "HEALTHY" white and red blood cells, as well as platelets! When Dr. Petrovic, and Nurse Ethel hung Billy's new bone marrow on his IV pole for the transplant, I took Alicia's hand, and gave her a hug, and said, " I Have a "Good feeling" about this", and that was 34 days ago. That "good feeling" came from all of you, through me, and into Our Son. You all gave Billy, Alicia, and I, the strength to see us through this ordeal. We have come such a long way, and we are far from over. Your continued thoughts and Prayers are so desperately needed, so that Billy will come through his up coming re-constructive leg surgery. But lets get Billy home, and then we'll talk about that, OK? OK!!

Alicia and I had a very nice early dinner together, tonight at OutBack!! Thanks Michelle, Lori, Renee, and Marci!!
Please Pray for Billy.........................
bpbullit Wed. 7 Apr. 2004 sunny 80°  Home!
Welcome back to Billy's Page. Today is Day +34 on Billy's BMT calendar. Todays counts are: WBC @ 3.50, RBC @ 3.44, Hemoglobin @ 10.8, platelets @ 46,000. ANC @ 2845.
Billy is home now
Yes, Billy is HOME! We were released at 4:00 this afternoon. Dr. Petrovic called from her conference, and said it was OK for us to go!! We are to call her at 7:00 tonight to go over a few things. We picked up all of Billy prescriptions before he was released, that was one big task that doesn't need to be done now!! If you click on the camera below, you can see a photo of Billy I just took. Alicia made him what he was "craving" for the past 45 days, a chedder cheese omelet (mild chedder*wink*), with onions and green pepper(cooked).
I'm gonna conclude this update at this time, and enjoy My Family. I know you'll understand*wink*.
 Click here, to see Billy at Home, eating one of his favorite's!!

Thank you Barbara C., from Council Bluffs, IA., Billy received your Card today!
Please Pray for Billy.........................
11:30 pm : Billy spiked a fever over 102° around 9:00 tonight. We called Dr. Petrovic, and she advised us to get to the Hospital ASAP. Billy was re-admitted to ACH for at least 3 days, as to find the cause of his fever. I will update you all tomorrow, or as the information becomes known to us.
Please Pray for Billy.........................
bpbullit Thur. 8 Apr. 2004 partly sunny 81°   727-898-7451 Room # 273 A
(8:15 pm) Welcome back to Billy's Page. Today is Day +35 on Billy's BMT calendar. Todays counts are: WBC @ 4.51, RBC @ 3.59, Hemoglobin @ 11.1, platelets @ 55,000. ANC @ 2525.
What a difference a day makes in the world of a Bone Marrow Transplant patient. A long night, and a longer day is now behind us. Before I get down to the "nitty-gritty", I would like to point out the fact that Billy's counts continue to rise, and this is a Good thing. Billy presented with a fever of 102°+ F/ 38.9° C last night, and we immediately took him back to the Hospital. Billy's fever remained around the same level's all day today, and he is now showing signs of GVHD with a rash on his abdomen, legs, and arms.. I will explain, once again what this Disease is:
A condition that occurs following bone marrow transplants in which the donor's immune cells in the transplanted marrow make antibodies against the host's (patient's) tissues and attack vital organs. The condition may be acute or chronic, mild or severe. Severe cases can often be life-threatening.

Causes, incidence, and risk factors:
Bone marrow transplants are performed in specialized hospitals to treat and potentially cure certain types of leukemia or other types of cancer which have invaded the bone marrow. Doctors also perform experimental bone marrow transplants to treat non-malignant conditions, such as sickle cell anemia. In the transplant, the host's bone marrow is destroyed with chemotherapy and/or radiation, and then the host receives replacement bone marrow from a donor. Most recipients undergo allogeneic transplants, which means that they receive genetically matched bone marrow from a donor, usually a close family member or occasionally someone outside the family who has been found to be a match. Sometimes, autologous transplants are performed. Here, the person is given back his or her own marrow once it has been purged of malignant cells. While the goal of bone marrow transplantation is to eradicate tumor cells, and thus the cancer, drugs are also given to suppress the host's immune system to permit the new donor marrow to implant without being destroyed by the recipient's immune system.

Graft-versus-host disease occurs when the new donor marrow makes antibodies against the host and tries to destroy the host as if it were a disease or foreign material.

Varying degrees of graft-versus-host disease are viewed as an expected complication of bone marrow transplantation since tissue typing can find close but not perfect tissue matches between donor and recipient. Only identical twins have identical tissue types. In fact, some research suggests that a low level of GVHD may be helpful in fighting the disease that caused the need for the transplant itself.
As you can see, We can be in for a rough road ahead, or we can fly through this, as Billy has everything else. Only time will tell. Billy will be treated for GVHD with Solumedrol (a steroid) starting tonight.

What is Solumedrol and what is it used for treating?
Solumedrol or methylprednisolone is used in the treatment of various diseases. For example, allergic reactions, asthma, Collagen vascular diseases (lupus, etc.), Gastrointestinal diseases (Ulcerative Colitis and Chron's Disease), and various lung diseases etc.

Billy was sedated this afternoon, and a skin biopsy was done by numbing a section of Billy's thigh, and an instrument that resembles a "cookie cutter" was inserted into Billy's thigh, and a piece of tissue about the size of pencil eraser was removed. The results should be back tomorrow. Dr. Petrovic is confident that this is "stage II" (of 4) GVHD.
Billy will be in the Hospital for at least 2 weeks, while he is being treated for this condition.

If you plan on sending cards, or packages to Billy, Please send them to Our Home address that can be found by clicking HERE, Thank you*wink*. I would like to point out that Billy is in a different room as well. He is in Room # 273 now.

We would like to thank Mary M.,(again), and Gail L.(again). Billy received your cards today*wink*. Also, Thank you Peg, from AZ (again)! Billy received your package today as well*wink*
Please Pray for Billy.........................
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"If you fill your heart with regrets of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow, you have no today to be thankful for."


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