"If you fill your heart with regrets of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow, you have no today to be thankful for."

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{5:00pm EST}Welcome back to Billy's Page. Today is Day +50 on Billy's BMT calendar. Todays counts are: WBC @ 17.7, RBC @ 4.0, Hemoglobin @ 12.8, platelets @ 49,000. ANC @ 15,000.
As you can see, Billy's counts are just fine. Although Billy's platelet count is down from the last check, it is of no concern. As I stated previously, the platelets are usually the last of the blood cells to fully recover to their "Normal" levels. Which are:
WBC: 4.0 - 10.5
RBC: 4.20 - 5.60
Hemoglobin: 12.5 - 16.1
Platelets: 150.000 - 450.000
Billy's ANC is still at a good level as well {click on ANC to see levels}, the higher the ANC the better Billy's immune system is to control infections. Dr. Petrovic informed us today that, Billy will only have to come to the clinic 2 times per week, instead of the 3 times per week we are going now. Billy is doing well enough that 2 times per week, starting next week, to keep up with his counts, and progress is sufficient. Billy loves this schedule, he really needs to relax some, and up until now, he really hasn't had the opportunity to catch his breath. He starts taking his meds at 7:00 am, and can't go to sleep until he takes his last dose's at midnight. He does try to grab a "nap" at times during the day, but most times not. Billy's GVHD has been kept under control, and the prednisone (steroid) Billy is taking to relieve the symptoms is also being cut back. Maybe this will enable Billy to sleep some more; the steroid's tend to keep Billy awake, another one of the side effects *wink*.

The stem cell harvest has begun on Thursday at All Childrens Hospital, for our 'lil Friend Hannah. Please visit Hannah's web site (link below) and let them know you care, and are thinking about, and Praying for her. Tell 'em Billy's Dad sent 'ya!

Please Pray for Billy.........................
bpbullit Sat. 24 Apr. 2004 sunny 84°  .......... Another Beautiful Day in Paradise
{7:00pm EST}Welcome back to Billy's Page. Today is Day +51 on Billy's BMT calendar.
"I'll have scrambled eggs, and a bagel", is what Billy said as I walked past his room at 7:30 this morning!! It is a wonderful thing to see, as Billy recovers from the past 6 months, and his bone marrow transplant. Billy is eating well, and he really never did lose his appetite. Billy is still "puffy" in his face, due to the steroids, but his weight has been stable, at around 80 lbs (36 kg).

We learned yesterday, that on Day +100, Billy will have another Bone Marrow Aspiration to check the condition of his "New Marrow". We Pray that all will be just fine*wink*.

 Click here, to see Billy hard at work*wink*, on the computer building one of his "famous" rollercoaster's, and Amusment Park.

Please Pray for Billy.........................
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{12:00pm EST}Welcome back to Billy's Page. Today is Day +53 on Billy's BMT calendar. Todays counts are: WBC @ 15.1, RBC @ 3.79, Hemoglobin @ 12.6, platelets @ 36,000. ANC @ 13,100.
Let me start by saying "sorry" to those of you who were concerned about the "lack of an update" on yesterday. I will re-assure you all by saying, once again, that....................
.......and, If I don't update Billy's Page one day that doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with Billy, Alicia, or Me, it just means I didn't update Billy's Page *wink*. I took the day off, I just needed a "break" away from this machine, if you know what I mean*wink*.

Billy is doing great, and todays trip to the clinic was uneventful. Dr. Petrovic is very pleased at Billy's response to all of the meds he is taking, and his GVHD is still "in check". Billy's steroid dose was reduced to 18mg x 4 times per day, down from 20mg. Billy's last dose of Flagyl was on Friday night, so that is one less drug he needs to take, but now he is taking folic acid, once per day. Below is a photo I took of Billy's "Med Table" that we have set up outside his bedroom.
We (Alicia and I) prepare Billy's meds here on the table, and then enter his room so that he can take them. Yes, we still have to keep Billy in a semi-sterile environment for at least another 50 days or so.

Please Pray for Billy.........................

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{7:00am EST} Welcome back to Billy's Page. Today is Day +54 on Billy's BMT calendar, and Our(Alicia and I)13th Wedding Anniversary!! Happy Anniversary SweetHeart.............WE Love You!!
I will update Billy's Page later this afternoon.............see 'ya then*wink*

{7:00pm} Hello again *wink*. Thank you ALL for your e-mail's, and your well wish's!! We really appreciate them, and you. Alicia and I have actually been together for 15 years, we married 2 years to the day, after we met; and Billy was born 9 days shy of 1 year later*wink*.
Speaking about Billy, he is doing just fine, we just finished dinner. Billy suggested stuffed chicken breast, and baked potato..............so guess what we had? Yep, you guessed it, and it was very good. Billy is really eating well, but he thinks he is eating too much. We assured him that he is eating very good, and not over doing it at all. He see's his "puffy" face, and thinks he's getting fat. We tell him it's the steroids, and it'll go away when he is off the drug in late June.

Dr. Petrovic called us tonight to tell us that Billy's last "stool" (yesterday) sample came back clear of any bacteria, and the results from the EBV test will be back in a week or so, at which time Billy will have scans done if any abnormalities are found. Billy will also have his course of IVIG next week, probably on Friday.

Please Pray for Billy.........................
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{11:00am EST}Welcome back to Billy's Page. Today is Day +56 on Billy's BMT calendar. Todays counts are: WBC @ 15.1, RBC @ 3.92, Hemoglobin @ 13.1, platelets @ 31,000. ANC @ 12,200.
Billy's visit to the clinic this morning was un-eventful, and Dr. Petrovic's evaluation was very encouraging. Billy continue's to show improvement in the condition of his skin which was affected by the onset of GVHD in Billy. Dr. Petrovic point's out that, there are no other "visible" signs that would lead her to believe that the GVHD is progressing, but as usual, she will do all of the tests to insure that it is under control. Dr. Petrovic also scheduled the IVIG for this Monday, instead of next Friday. The results from the last EBV test aren't back as of yet, but Dr. Petrovic ordered another test with a different Co. to compare the results of each, and to use for future testing. Dr. Petrovic is truly a "Hands On" Dr., and is concerned "TOTALLY", with her patients. We really appreciate the extra efforts she makes in assuring Billy is receiving the Best possible care he can get, from her, and the entire ACH Staff.

Please Pray for Billy.........................
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{7:30pm EST}Welcome back to Billy's Page. Today is Day +57 on Billy's BMT calendar. Billy will be admitted to ACH tomorrow morning at around 8:00am. Dr. Petrovic called us this evening and informed us that Billy's EBV test and results show an elevated reading, and she doesn't want to wait to treat Billy for this. Billy will have a total body scan tomorrow to look for any "mass's", or abnormal lymphnodes.

Please Pray for Billy.........................

Yes.....we are scared to death.................................
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"If you fill your heart with regrets of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow, you have no today to be thankful for."

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