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Tues. 29 Oct. 2002
ello All , and welcome back to Billy's Page . We went to the Hospital this afternoon to have Billy's blood counts checked . His blood counts were high , but should be on the decrease over the next few days . As always , this is expected , and puts Billy back in the vunerable state , or prone to infections . His Dr. did say that it was Ok for Billy to attend class tomorrow at his school , if all his class mates are in good health . He is very excited about it , and can't wait ! It has been seven weeks since he was last in class . His class mates don't know he is coming though ! They will be just as surprised as he will be !
We all ( Alicia , Ama , Fernando , Billy , and Me ) went out to Dinner tonight . We went to Shell's , a seafood Restaurant here in St. Pete . Billy had his favorite , Snow Crab Legs ! We all had a wonderful time , and enjoyed our evening out . Ama and Fernando are going to Disney tomorrow , before they head down to Miami where they will meet up with Jorge , and Apa at Juani's house . They plan on staying down there for a couple weeks , and will return here , on their way back to NJ . Good night All , Be Well .
Wed. 30 Oct. 2002
Hello , I hope you all had a great day . Billy had a wonderful day at School today . He spent about 4 hours there , and was very happy to see everyone . He is going to try and go again tomorrow if he is up to it . Bill came home to yet another surprise ! There were a couple package's waiting here for him . The first one he opened was a cap sent from Costa Rica ( Thank you " T " ) , and an Autographed ( By Ron Zook , head coach )Poster of the University of Florida Football team ( Go Gators ). Thank you Coach Zook ! Billy was sooooooooo Surprised , and yes , the poster went up on the wall next to Brett Favre , and Tyrone Williams , just below the Buc's !!
Ama and Fernando left for Disney this morning , and called a short time later as they were ready to board their 1st ride !! Have fun you two !!
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Thurs. 31 Oct. 2002 ( Holloween )bat .gif
Happy Holloween ! Billy went to School again today , and had a great day . It didn't start off too well though *wink*. Billy had eggs and toast for breakfast , and he managed to keep it down about 10 mins . He insisted on going to School , and had no further episodes ; and he came home with a bag full of candy ! It is really good to see him upbeat , and participating in his School activities . He is going to try and go to School between his chemotherapy treatments , as long as he feels well and the other students are in good health . After his surgery he'll probably be unable to attend School for some time , so he wants to get as much time at School in as possible . This is a Great attitude , and we commend him for it . Alicia and I want to thank everyone , Students and Teachers at Lakeview Fundamental ( Billy's School ), for the warm welcome you've shown to our son in his return to class ; THANK YOU ALL !
Fri. 1 Nov. 2002
Welcome back to Billy's Page . Billy never made it to school today , he didn't feel too well . He did get another surprise though ! Apa ( Alicia's Father ) and Jorge ( Alicia's brother ) arrived at our home this afternoon . They will stay for a few days before heading down to Miami . Billy was very happy to see them , as you can imagine . Billy and Jorge will probably be up all night playing Football Footballon the Play station II , they have a real big rivalry between them !! Well , I hope you all have a great evening . Smily wink !
Sat. 2 Nov. 2002
Hello , and welcome back to Billy's page . Billy had a wonderful day with his Uncle Jorge . Apa and Jorge are now on their way to Miami . Ama and Apa are coming back to see Billy on their way back to NJ in a couple weeks . They're going to spend some time in Miami at Juani's House . Billy misses them already !
Billy is feeling pretty good , he hasn't had a fever as of yet , and we have our fingers crossed that he doesn't *wink* . Be sure to have a wonderful evening , and we'll talk again tomorrow .
Mon. 4 Nov. 2002
Hello All . Had a fairly good day yesterday , Billy and I watched some football . Both of Our teams came out winners , Billy's Buc's , and my 49er's ! Billy is starting to feel pretty lousy , which unfortunately is expected . It is very difficult for him to swallow even soup . He realizes that it is very important for him to eat , and is very upset that he just can't , He is very weak as a result .
His at home teacher spent a few hours with him today , and he did well . It is very hard for him to concentrate due to his discomfort . Billy has lost about 12 pounds , and can't wait to get it back *wink*. We are schedualed to be at the Hospital at 2:00 tomorrow for his bi-weekly blood tests , if his fever is up he'll probably be admitted . We are schedualed to start the next chemotherapy session on the 14th of this month ( 5 days in the Hospital ) . Well , we'll just have to wait and see . Be Well .
Tues. 5 Nov. 2002  
Billy was admitted to the Hospital this afternoon . His temperature was 102 , and he was so very weak . His blood counts were at rock bottom , his platelets were also at the lowest . Billy was then given anti-biotics , and a transfusion of blood and platelets . He has tried to eat but can't due to the pain in his throat . I really had a hard time with the way Billy looked , but hid it from him as best as I could . Alicia too , became emotional while Billy was being treated . Billy has lost 15 pounds ( not 10 ), and looks so frail . I truly thought this would be a good thing , writing about Billy's treatments . I truly thought this would be a much needed outlet or a way to cope with Billy's cancer . It is so very hard to live this , and then write about it . I will continue to try and update this Journey on a daily basis , but please understand if I miss a day or two now and then . We depend on all of you for your thoughts , prayers , and support more than you know , and Billy sure needs them , and you . He also needs me , and Alicia to be strong , both on the outside and on the inside . I don't want to let him down .
Billy should be in the Hospital for at least 4 days , or until his blood counts are up as well as his platelets and hemoglobin . As with his previous round of chemotherapy , he'll probably get a couple days at home before his next round of chemotherapy is schedualed to begin Nov. 14th , or at least we hope so .
I hope you all have a good night , please keep Billy in your thoughts and Prayers . Good night .
Thurs. 7 Nov. 2002  
Hello All , and welcome back to Billy's Page . Billy has undergone a couple of days of intense treatments to fight his fever , and overall weak condition . Today was a great day for Billy as far as his condition compared to a few days ago . He woke up in a foul mood but ate breakfast , and had some more meds , and came out of the poor condition he was in . Billy livened up to the point that he even took in a couple of hours of Schooling . His teacher came to the Hospital for his studies . He is doing Great with the progress in his studies as well .
Billy had speggetti and meatballs for a late lunch , along with one of his favorites , celery with peanut butter !! It was just sooooooooooo wonderful to see him come around . Dr. G. said that if all goes well , Billy will be able to return home tomorrow afternoon .Of course his blood counts will be very low still , but his fever should gone . It was normal all day today , as it was evident in his chearful disposition !! Billy received another hat yesterday , one from the Gators . His Uncle Fern got it for him ! He also got another package from Universal Angel Foundation . I didn't open it *wink* , but I think I know what it might be ! Thanks Kiddo !
Fri. 8 Nov. 2002  Home !
Hello All . Billy was released from the Hospital today . His fever had subsided , and although his blood counts are still very low , his Dr. said it was OK to go home . he , as always , must be careful as to who he comes in contact with . The slightest infection such as a cold can put him back in the Hospital . We still have to give Billy an injection of GCSF until his blood counts are back to normal . We are to be at the Hospital on Monday to have Billy's blood counts checked again . If Billy's blood counts are up ( they should be ) he will be re-admitted on Thursday the 14th for another chemotherapy session . This session will cosist of the other 3 chemotherapy drugs , and will be administered for 5 consecutive days . This again , will knock Billy's blood counts down and cause another cycle of what we've just been through . But we'll cross that bridge when we get to it . For now , we'll try to enjoy the next 5 days or so with Billy at home .
Billy received another hat today . It was from The Osceola Explorers ( here in Florida ), Thank you Mr. S . ( Principal ). A few of the Teachers from Billy's School are coming to surprise him later this afternoon , this should be fun !
Fun it was *wink* , Mrs. J. and Mrs. C. stopped by and to OUR surprise , brought with them Dinner ! Not just any Dinner , a whole Ham , Salad , and Desert . Thank you soooooooooo much . It couldn't have come at a better time . Alicia had just said to me that she was truly too tired , and that if I minded if she didn't cook ! Certainly , I would have , but neither of us had to ! This was truly a surprise !
Sat. 9 Nov. 2002  Football
Hello All , It's Saturday and you know what that means ! As you can tell by the football image above , it's college football day ! The Gators are on pay per view , and Florida State is playing Georgia Tech ( and winning ) . Miami is leading Tennessee . The Buc's are off tomorrow , so Billy will have to watch the Fin's beat the Jets ( sorry Jorge ) !
Billy is feeling pretty good today , and again asked me to say " Thank you " to All of you for your support , thoughts and Prayers . He looked through his guestbook again today , and can't believe that over 400 of you have added your comments , thoughts and Prayers . I hope you all have a good night , and Be Well .
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