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 Tue. 21 June 2005 sunny_storms 83°

Welcome back to Billy's Page. Today is Day +474 on Billy's BMT calendar. Once again, here are what the Normal blood counts levels are:

WBC: 4.0 - 10.5
RBC: 4.20 - 5.60
Hemoglobin: 12.5 - 16.1
Platelets: 150.000 - 450.000

Thank you ALL for your continued Support, Thought's, and Prayer's. Billy continue's to do "exceptionally well". Billy will undergo his scheduled bone scan (total body), CT Scan (chest), and X-ray of his leg tomorrow morning (8:30). We truly pray that these scans will be clear, and that Billy's cancer(s) are a thing of the past. I don't know how soon we'll get the result's, but I promise to update Billy's Page as soon as we hear anything. Please pray, as you've alway's done, to ease us through this battery of tests.

Please Pray for Billy.........................and ALL children of cancer.

 Wed. 22 June 2005 sunny_storms 85°

Welcome back to Billy's Page. Today is Day +475 on Billy's BMT calendar.
We hope this update finds you well. The staff at ACH tried 5 time's, and failed, to locate a vein this morning so the radioactive iodine, and contrast could be infused for the tests to be done. Dr. Petrovic finally called off the "jab session", and said, "we'll try again next week".  click the camera to see how Billy's day started! Needless to say, the test will also have to wait till next week as well. Dr. Petrovic told us that Billy can stop taking the Septra as of today. This leave's just 1 medication that Billy is taking! Starting with 14+- pill's at the start of His treatment's; Billy is now taking just one pill, Clindamycin, 2 times per day! Billy's surgeon, Dr. Letson, wants Billy to keep taking this drug (anti-biotic) for a few more weeks, until after his surgery to lengthen his leg, next month. Tomorrow morning, we're off to Tampa to visit Shriners Childrens Hospital, for Billy's pre-admission evaluation. I hope this doesn't include "NEEDLES"!

Please Pray for Billy.........................and ALL children of cancer.

 Fri. 24 June 2005 sunny_storms 88°

Welcome back to Billy's Page. Today is Day +477 on Billy's BMT calendar.
Thank you all, for your continued support, Thought's, and Prayer's. Yes, we did make it to Tampa, and Shriners Childrens Hospital yesterday. We spent the entire afternoon there (12:00-5:30pm) meeting with the staff, and having a set of X-ray's done on both of Billy's legs. We met with Dr. Novick, who has been in constant contact with Dr. Letson (Billy's surgeon) regarding the up coming surgery to lengthen Billy's prosthesis, and his physical therapy. As you can see, by the image to the right----->, Billy is tentatively scheduled to be admitted on Monday, the 11th of July, for surgery to be performed on Wednesday, the 13th of July by (either) Dr. Novick, or Dr. Letson. Dr. Novick has assisted Dr. Letson on many surgery's, and we have no objection's to her performing the surgery on Billy if Dr. Letson is unavailable to do it, which may be the case. During our visit to Shriner's yesterday, measurements were done on both of Billy's leg's, and it was noted that his left leg is about an inch longer than the right. If you recall, Dr. Letson intentionally left Billy's right leg shorter than the left when he did the re-constructive surgery to replace the prosthesis. The intention was, to lengthen the prosthesis to "catch up" to his "normal" leg, a few month's after the surgery in January. We all know how fragile Billy's condition was during this period, so the lengthening was pushed back till now. I mention this because Billy's left leg is now an inch longer than his right, and it is not advisable to try and "stretch" Billy's muscles that much during the lengthening procedure, so Billy's leg will probably only be lengthened about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch. All subsequent lengthening's will be done in conjunction with just how fast Billy grow's. We suggested, to avoid any chance of damage to Billy's Hip's, that he be fitted with some sort of "lift" for his shoe's on his right foot, to make up for the difference in length's of his leg's, and the "limping" he is having to do. So, Billy will have an insert in his shoe's, that will be adjusted to his height as needed. Billy walk's so much better, we noticed, when he has some sort of lift in his shoe's to make up for the height difference; and he feel's more comfortable with less stress on his re-constructed leg. Billy will be visiting his Dentist today, and this should be the last of this weeks Dr. visits *wink*!
We are happy that all of these appointments worked out because we were really hoping that Billy will be able to go away to camp, with kids his own age before the surgery was done. So far........so good *wink*. Billy will be heading out on July 2nd, for a week of fun in the sun at Camp Boggy Creek, just north west of Orlando, in Cassia, Florida (click photo). This camp is for Florida's seriously ill Children, and will be attended by some familiar face's from All Children's Hospital. A few of the Nurse's will be at the camp this year which should ease Billy into the "trauma" of being away from Home alone, for the first time in his life *wink*.

Please Pray for Billy.........................and ALL children of cancer.

 Wed. 29 June 2005 sunny_storms 88°

Welcome back to Billy's Page. Today is Day +482 on Billy's BMT calendar.
WBC @ 6.60, RBC @ 4.01, Hemoglobin @ 12.8, platelets @ 296,000. ANC @ 3.200 (Normal count's at top of page)
Billy paid a visit to his pediatrician this morning to bring his immunization's up to date. He got 5 more shot's, and took it like a champ (his own words!). He also had his count's checked (above). Although his red blood count (RBC) was a bit low, there were no sign's of "obvious" concern in his Doctor. Billy's pediatrician Dr. Riley, was very happy to see him. She'll never forget that day in September of 2002, when she had to tell us, after reviewing Billy's X-ray's, that Billy had a large tumor in his leg. Neither will we.............

Speaking of "shots". Billy will visit All Children's Hospital again tomorrow morning to, once again, try and get his scan's done *wink*. If you remember, last week's try didn't go too well (see above). Billy had the X-ray's done at Shriner's last week, so they won't need to be done tomorrow. Please Pray that all will go well tomorrow *wink*.

Please Pray for Billy.........................and ALL children of cancer.

 Thur. 30 June 2005 sunny_storms 90°

Welcome back to Billy's Page. Today is Day +483 on Billy's BMT calendar.
WBC @ 7.50, RBC @ 4.13, Hemoglobin @ 13.1, platelets @ 213,000. ANC @ 4.600
We hope this update finds you well. What a difference a day make's *wink*. Billy's platelets are down somewhat, and the rest of his counts are up somewhat, including his ANC. Billy had a better outcome this morning as he was prepared for his scans. It only took 1 "stick" to access a vein for his IV. The bone scan (total body), and CT Scan (chest) were done, and now the "wait is on". Of course the tech's who performed the scan's couldn't reveal what they saw, so, we have to wait till they are read by a Radiologist. Please Pray, that these tests are clean.

Please Pray for Billy.........................and ALL children of cancer.

 Sat. 2 July 2005 sunny_storms 91°

Welcome back to Billy's Page. Today is Day +485 on Billy's BMT calendar.
We hope this update finds you well. Alicia and I saw Billy of to camp today. We arrived at the American Cancer Society HQ in Pinellas Park this morning at around 10:30. They had a very nice "going away party" for the kids, about 25 from our area (150 in total), before they boarded the Bus for Camp. We took a couple photo's (see below). This was the 1st time away for alot of the kid's, but it really seemed as though they really wanted to get away, and to us "cancer parents", it was obvious. These children didn't deserve cancer..................no Child does.
click for photo Click for photo!
click for photo Click here for photo as well!

Please Pray for Billy.........................and ALL children of cancer.

 Fri. 8 July 2005 sunny_storms 94°

Welcome back to Billy's Page. Today is Day +491 on Billy's BMT calendar.
BILLY'S HOME!!! We picked Billy up this afternoon at 2pm. The bus arrived a bit late from the camp, but all the kid's were in great spirits! Billy had a Great time, and made a bunch of new Friends; alot of whom spent a few day's in the infirmary! Yes, including Billy *wink*. Billy spent 3 of the 6 days in "sick bay"! Apparently, there was a stomach virus going around, and at least 1/2 of the 150 kids caught it. Billy said he spiked a fever of 103° for a day or so. I guess it's to be expected when a bunch of "sick" kids are put in close quarters. Billy said that it wasn't all that bad, and he soon resumed the activities at hand. He took up archery, fishing, canoeing, swimming, and story telling *wink* (we all know how deep Billy's mind is!) We are so happy that Billy had a good time away from home. He really needed this time away, with kids his own age, in neutral surrounding's. If he is able to go again next year, he said that he'd love to go again. Billy is asleep in his own bed, taking a "nap"!

We received confirmation from Shriner's, so Billy will be admitted on Monday the 11th, and surgery will be performed on Wednesday the 13th, by Dr. Letson. Billy will be at Shriner's for at least a week after the surgery, for physical therapy. We'll just have to wait and see what develop's *wink*.

ALSO...............The county where we live, here in Florida (Pinellas County) is under a state of emergency due to the proximity of Hurricane Dennis. We are expecting the "un-known" tomorrow afternoon or evening *wink*. If you remember the time we had last year with the 4 hurricanes that past us by, this one could be just as dangerous. Pray that it too, miss's us...................

As of 7-8-2005 @ 7pm

Please Pray for Billy.........................and ALL children of cancer.

 Tue. 12 July 2005 sunny_storms 92°

Welcome back to Billy's Page. Today is Day +495 on Billy's BMT calendar.
Thank you all, for your continued support, thought's, and prayer's. Also, for your patience between update's *wink*. I have been deathly sick since Sunday evening, spending half my day's in the bathroom. Alicia has stepped, up once again, and is keeping Billy company as she stay's with him at Shriner's. Yes, Billy was admitted on Monday morning, and has been seen by all those associated with tomorrow's surgery (2pm). I am feeling quite-a-bit better this afternoon, and I should be able to be with them at Shriner's tomorrow. I think Billy brought home a piece of that stomach bug from camp. It seems to be similar, in that it has lasted 2 day's.

As for Hurricane Dennis...................he passed us by to the west about 160 miles or so. We had some high winds (40-60 mph), and alot of rain; but all in all, things went fairly well. Now we'll have to watch what Ms. Emily does, as she approaches from the south east.

Please Pray for Billy.........................and ALL children of cancer.

 Wed. 13 July 2005 sunny_storms 90°

Welcome back to Billy's Page. Today is Day +496 on Billy's BMT calendar.
496 day's since Billy's bone marrow transplant, and 1053 day's since this "WAR" began. In just over 2 months, it will be 3 years. Boy how time fly's living in "The World Of Cancer". Only kidding, there has been nothing "Quick" about these past 3 years. One thing is for certain, and I speak for my Family; we would have never made it without each and everyone of you. Thank you for alway's being there for us.

Billy went into surgery, and was out before Alicia and I could get comfortable. The whole process took all of 20 minutes, through an incision of about 1 1/2 inch's to the outside of his leg, just above his knee. A couple turn's of the "screwdriver", and it was all over! Everything went just fine, Dr. Letson was able to lengthen Billy's leg 1.2 cm, about 1/2 inch. He will do it again in about 3 month's, and probably at 3 month intervals thereafter, depending just how fast Billy begins to grow now that all the "poisons" are out of his system. Dr. Letson told us that he waited until Billy was under anesthesia to perform some "loosening" of Billy's muscles *wink*. Just hearing that made me kringe. What he did, was manipulate Billy's leg by bending it at the knee, and working out all the stiffness caused by scaring. Before this surgery, Billy was able to bend his leg to 105°. Dr. Letson went as far as 125° (OUCH). Yes, Billy was in some discomfort when he came to, and was given pain medication's. Dr. Letson has recommended that Billy stay the "full" 2 weeks for intense physical therapy, so that's where we stand. Billy will be at shriner's for the next 2 week's for PT, but will be allowed to come home for the weekends!! YEAH!!! Shriner's in Tampa, is the very best Re-habilitation Hospital for children in the state of Florida, which is why we are there to begin with, right? Right!! Now let me get Billy's room cleared out, and ready for a fresh coat of paint in the morning! Billy will be released for the weekend, so I gotta get busy! Painting has always been a great form of therapy.........for me!

Please Pray for Billy.........................and ALL children of cancer.

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