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 Sun. 4 Sept. 2005  93°
Today is the 549 day on Billy's transplant calendar.
We hope this update find's you all well. Here we are in September already; another Month has just slipped by. We are closing in on the 3 year anniversary of Billy's cancer (Ewings sarcoma)diagnosis, Sept. 21st. Boy how time fly's living in the "World of Cancer".

Billy is doing quite well, although he is beginning to experience some pain's in his muscles, and joint's. We are going to bring this to the attention of his Dr's after the holiday. You all know what happened the last time we were told it was "growing pain's" *wink*, we found an 8inch tumor in his femur.
Billy continue's to adjust fairly well at his new routine at School, and is beginning to re-associate himself with his old Friends. Billy is somewhat conscience of the fact, that he is one of the "shortest" kid's in his class's, and it visibly bother's him. He know's he has been bombarded with 3 year's worth of "poison's" during his cancer treatment's, and hope's he'll start to grow soon *wink*. For his sake, so do we. We are still awaiting that appointment to see the endocrinologist; and waiting, and waiting!

For those of you who'd like to visit Mia (link above, right), send me an e-mail, and I'll give 'ya the key to her site, it is password protected for personal reason's.

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer.

 Wed.31 Aug. 2005  93°
Today is the 545 day on Billy's transplant calendar.
On a lighter note in the "world of cancer", if there can be a "lighter note"; We got the results back regarding Alicia's MRI she had done last week of her brain and C spine. Her Neurologists said that there were no "new" leisions noted in her brain, or C spine. All the stress she is under living in the "world of cancer" has caused an exacerbation of her disease, which at time's, can be very debilitating, to say the least. Those of you who know Alicia, know that she refuses to slow down, and let MS run her life. She would like all of you to know, "she'll be just fine".

If you haven't noticed, I added a new link to another "cancer kid's" web site. Please click on Mia's link to the right >>> and pay her a visit, she'd love to hear from you. Tell her Billy's Dad sent 'ya.

Billy's endocrinologist finally received Billy's medical record (yesterday), so we should be hearing something soon, regarding an appointment.

Billy is handling the day to day schedule of "real School" with no real trouble's, other than having to negotiate a few flight's of stairs a couple time's a day. We received his mid-term report's, for this 1st semester, and Billy's grade's remain in the 90-100 percentile. A few "miss-understanding's" in one of his class's caused one of his grade's to suffer earlier, but he has since got it under control, and is doing much better *wink*.

Please note that September is "Childhood Cancer Awareness Month". If you can find it in your heart's to make a donation to your local cancer Institution, or click on one of the link's here on Billy's Page (to the right), I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated. Yes, Every Month is cancer awareness month, to us *wink*.

Please hold the victim's of the devastated Gulf Coast in your heart's, and PLEASE do what you can to aid in their recovery, we will...............

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer.

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 Fri.26 Aug. 2005  93°
Today is the 540 day on Billy's transplant calendar.
All is well here in "Stormy" St. Pete! It looks as though we are gonna be bypassed by yet another Hurricane. Alicia's Parent's (Ama and Apa) got beat up pretty good last night, as Hurricane Katrina with wind's of approx. 90 mph.,came through Miami around 7:00 pm. More that 1.2 million people are still without power in the Miami area. There was also some major flooding, as over 10 inch's of rain fell. That was their 1st Hurricane since moving to Miami *wink*. The hurricane is now in the Gulf of Mexico, about 200 mile's south of us, and is predicted to turn North, and is forcasted to pass to the west of us by 150 mile's or so (finger's crossed). We have had some wind gust's of 30-40 mph today, along with some periodic rain shower's associated with the Hurricane. We will most likely get a few inch's of rain, along with some strong wind's over the weekend as it pass's. The price you gotta pay to live in "Paradise" (I guess *wink*). I'll keep 'ya posted!

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer.

 Wed.24 Aug. 2005  96°
Today is the 538 day on Billy's transplant calendar.
We hope this update finds you well. All is well here in Sunny, Hot, Stormy, Beautiful St. Pete.! Billy is doing well, and has not shown any adverse effects due to his fall. He is trying to get around without the use of his "crutch", and sometime's trip's due to the difference in the length of his leg's. With next month's lengthening, his leg's should be close to the same length. As I said earlier though, Dr. Barbosa expects to see a sudden "growth spurt" any time now, so we can expect to go through this lengthening process quite a few more time's.

We want to thank everyone for their concern, and support shown towards Alicia these past few day's, She finished her treatment to control the MS exacerbation she was fighting. She is feeling somewhat better, although her headaches, and the numbness is still a daily occurrence. She had another MRI of her brain, and spine yesterday, so we should know the extent of the leisions in a few day's. Please keep her in your thought's.

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer.

 Fri.19 Aug. 2005  95° "Happy Birthday Billy's Dad"
Today is the 533 day on Billy's transplant calendar.
Billy continue's to do well, and is enjoying his day's at School. We had a bit of a scare yesterday, with a phone call from Billy's School *wink*. It is policy for them to call if your child is involved in any sort of "mishap". MISHAP, you say? That's exactly what I said, minus a few "choice words". It appears that Billy had fallen (tripped) down in one of his class's, but was un-hurt. I insisted that he call me himself, and about 5 minute's later, he did. He assured us that he was just fine. His pride was more hurt than anything else, he said. He made a joke of it, as his class mate's were really concerned; and went about his routine!

Thank you all for the Kind Birthday Wish's, I really appreciate it *wink*. Alicia, Billy, and I are going out for Dinner tonight ????. I think Billy want's Chinese!!

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer.

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 Tue.16 Aug. 2005  96°
Today is the 530 day on Billy's transplant calendar.
Today's visit to ACH resulted in the following blood count's: WBC@ 7.0, RBC@ 3.82, Hemoglobin@ 12.2, platelets@ 196,000. ANC@ 3.60
Although some of Billy's count's are in the "low" range, Dr. Petrovich is pleased at what she see's *wink*, I couldn't help but show my "concern". We also received the result's from the following test's:

Pulmonary function: Normal
EKG/ECHO: Normal {SF 34.9%}
Audiology evaluation: Normal {both ears}
Cholesterol: 205
Liver/Kidney function: Normal
Thyroid function: Normal {Free T4}
Bone Marrow Aspiration: Normal Cellular Marrow, active trilineage hematopoiesis. Negative cytogenetics, and >99% Donor marrow cell's
If you can "cut to the chase", as you review the above test results, you'll breath a collective sigh of relief with us. There is NO evidence that Billy's cancer has spread to other organ's in his body; in fact, there is NO evidence of cancer in Billy's body. Billy is STILL greater than 99% Donor, with NO abnormal chromosome's, and MOST of the test's show NORMAL results. We received the Rx for Billy to see an endocrinologist. Billy will have another bone marrow aspiration done at the end of September to rule out the presence of ewings sarcoma in the marrow. Dr. Letson will probably want to lengthen Billy's leg again, at that time as well to avoid two rounds of anesthesia.

Please hold Alicia in your thought's, as living "in the world of cancer" has aggravated her MS. She is undergoing a 3 day course of treatment to ease the pain's involved with having this terrible disease. She want's to let everyone know that, "She'll be just fine" *wink*.

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer.

 Thur.11 Aug. 2005 
Today is the 525 day on Billy's transplant calendar.
Billy is adjusting to his new schedule slowly, but surely *wink*. We figured it would take some, "getting used to", and we'll just go with the flow. Billy really enjoy's being back at school, and is not showing any out ward sign's of social anxiety, and we really didn't expect to see any *wink*. Billy's "social isolation" has been something we always worried about, as he was undergoing his cancer treatments and BMT.
Billy has an appointment to see his Oncologist next week, as well as a visit to his endocrinologist to have his growth hormone levels checked. Dr. Barbosa is expecting to see a "growth spurt" in Billy at any time (so are we!!). I have included a couple more photo's, due to "popular demand". Once again, be warned, the surgery photo is very graphic.
click for photo Billy's x-ray showing both legs, including prosthesis!
click for photo **warning** Another Photo of Billy's actual surgery!
I warned you {again}!

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer.

 Tue.9 Aug. 2005 
Today is the 523 day on Billy's transplant calendar.
We hope this update finds you well. Billy is very excited to be back at School, and as you may well have guessed, he has not missed a beat! His stamina is still a bit weak, as he has to walk quite a bit, and negotiate stair's; but he is able to get help when he needs it. The Staff at his School have arranged for Billy to have 2 set's of school books; one to remain in his class's, and one to be kept at home. This way, Billy doesn't have to carry the "heavy" books around from class to class, while on crutches. Billy has adjusted very well, and has made quite a few "new" Friends. Speaking of Friends, Billy stayed overnight (Saturday) at his Buddy John P.'s house. Billy and John have been Friends since the 1st Grade. John, has been helping Billy quite a bit even if it is just carrying his back-pack up the stair's.(Thanks John! You too Michael D.!)

Now............Alot of you have been asking, for the longest time *wink*; about what Billy's prosthesis looks like. During the photo shoot on Friday, we were able to ask (once again!) Dr. Letson, if we could finally get the photo's he promised, almost 3 year's ago! Well, being that the media Staff of this publication ALSO needed the photo's for the article, we were in luck! We were sent, the first of many, yesterday. The photo's are of the 1st surgery on Billy's leg, back on January 17th, 2003. Believe me, I would not even think of putting such "graphic" photo's on Billy's site, if it weren't for the fact that, this is life, and at time's life is graphic; more so living in the "world of cancer". When I say graphic, I mean it; so PLEASE do NOT look at these photo's if you have a weak stomach, or are offended by such things. My intentions are as they've always been, to let you see what we see; feel what we feel, and live what we live. This is real...........this is cancer.
click for photo Click for photo of Billy's prosthesis!**warning**
click for photo Click for photo of Billy's actual surgery!**warning**
I warned you!

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer.

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