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Normal Blood Counts

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 Fri. 17 Mar. 2006  Today is the 744th day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,271 day's, living in the "World of cancer".
We hope this update finds you all well. First of all, please click on over to Emily's web site and say Hi! She is now in Memphis, at St. Jude's. She is undergoing preparation for her Bone Marrow Transplant. Tell her Billy sent 'ya!
We took Billy out of School for an hour this morning so that he can keep a Dr. Appointment. He had another appointment with his endocrinologist. She had all the test results, and wanted to update us as to where Billy "fit's in" in regards to his growth as an "almost 14 year old" cancer patient. She was very open, and honest with us as she explained that Billy is on the verge of puberty, and is doing exceptionally well considering all the poisons his body has absorbed during his cancer treatments. He is about a year behind, as she expected him to be, and he is on target to resume a normal growth pattern "very soon". Billy, Alicia, and I were all smile's as she also revealed to us that Billy's radiation treatments received during his BMT preparation, were "probably" not enough to affect his ability to have Children of his own, Although the chemo drugs may have. She will do some very "specific" testing when puberty is reached. She is very optimistic, as are we *wink*. Billy's chest x-ray's were all normal, and his cough has all but disappeared. He is on a few medications to combat allergies (non-specific), and is feeling much better. His leg is still giving him some problems, and we should be hearing something back from Dr. Letson soon.............we hope *wink*.
On a lighter note, Billy received a Formal invitation from the National Junior Honor Society selection committee, for consideration in the Southside Fundamental Middle School National Junior Honor Society with a 3.8 Grade Point Average. Even if Billy doesn't participate *wink*, he is very Honored just to be considered. So are We...........................

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Mon. 13 Mar. 2006  Today is the 740th day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,267 day's, living in the "World of cancer".
We hope this update finds you all well. Again, sorry for the time between update's *wink*. Billy had an appointment with his BMT Dr. this afternoon. He gave up 11 tube's of blood for a number of tests, and was examined from head to toe, by Dr. Petrovic. She is a bit concerned by his cough (2 months), but is very pleased at what see see's. Today's blood counts: WBC@ 13.01, RBC@ 4.61, Hemoglobin@ 14.1, platelets@ 365,000. ANC@ 6000. Again, the WBC are through the roof, and his platelets are double the last counts. I hope we don't have to wait too long to find out why. Billy has an appointment with his pediatrician tomorrow morning at 10:00am.
Billy's SED rate was normal, but his creatinine clearance was somewhat on the low side, compared to the last sequence. Dr. Petrovic doesn't see a need for another bone marrow aspiration at this time, but will make that decision when Dr. Letson does the next lengthening in a month or so. Billy's leg is feeling alot better since my last update. Billy is also beginning what we feel is a "growth spurt", which can be linked to the tightness in the knee area of his re-built leg. The tendons are being stretched, as are the muscles.
We still need alot of questions answered, as our patience is "running thin"......................................

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Sat. 4 Mar. 2006  Today is the 731st day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,258 day's, living in the "World of cancer".


Two years ago today, Billy received the "Gift of Life", in the form of a Bone marrow Transplant (CLICK HERE!). Billy was given a "less than" 25% chance to survive his diagnosis of having MDS, and the War was on. We are still about 3 years away from the "all important" 5 year mark, where we can actually begin to look "back" on all of what's been played out in the page's of this Journal. As each day pass's, and we draw closer to that day 3 years from now, Billy's survival percentage grow's. Living in the "World of Cancer" will alway's have us looking over our shoulder at "what's next", but as the day's between the 2 and 5 year marks grow, so does our Hope. We will continue to ask that you Pray for Our Son as he refuse's to give in, and we will continue to ask that you Pray for EVERY Child of cancer.

As Billy continue's to excel in his 8th Grade studies, he is also preparing for the day we truly didn't expect to see; the day he starts High School. Billy has applied to 4 Local High School's in advanced Studies, and expects to be accepted by all of them. Although he can only choose one *wink*, they were all extremely impressed with him, his Grade's, his attitude, and most of all his "cheerful" disposition. As Billy's Parents, Alicia and I can not be more Proud of Our Son than we are. We are truly blessed to be witness to the way he has approached, accepted, fought, and defeated; every obstacle put before him. Cancer never scared Billy, the way it did each and every one of us. Not because Billy didn't know what cancer was, he did know what it was, and he tought each and everyone who met him that a strong mind, body, and attitude is stronger than "statistic's" in the Dr's Journal. "Bring it on" he said, 3 1/2 years ago.....................and the rest is "Billy's Page".

**Thank you George H. for saving Our Son's Life, We Love You.

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Tue. 28 Feb. 2006  Today is the 727th day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,254 day's, living in the "World of cancer".
We hope this update finds you well. Billy continue's to show "sign's", that something is not right inside his body. Billy had a follow-up visit to ACH after School yesterday, and this visit raised a few "flags". Billy's counts:
WBC@ 9.05, RBC@ 4.57, Hemoglobin@ 14.1, platelets@ 253,000. ANC@ 4700
especially his high WBC, are of concern. Although still in the "normal" range, it is at the high end of the spectrum, which to some, means there is a possible infection being attacked; thus, the high WBC. Billy has an appointment with the E.N.T. team next week, as well as another CT scan of his chest, and sinus. Billy has had a persistant cough for the past few weeks, and is of concern. Billy hasn't had another fever since his last episode, and is in pretty good spirits considering his Drs have "no answer's" for us regarding his present state. We have all the results in hand, from the battery of tests that were done over the past few weeks, and all the tests are "clear", to put it in simple terms *wink*. Stay tuned.....................

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Thur. 23 Feb. 2006  Today is the 722nd day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,249 day's, living in the "World of cancer".
We hope this update finds you well. Billy continues to do well, and is "just about" back to being himself again *wink*. His right arm is still very sore where the IV was located, as are the 6 other area's where he was "poked for blood". There are still no reason's for the fevers, and Billy will continue to be watched very closely. We will return to the clinic next week for a follow-up. Billy's Transplant team said that there is no reason to go through the "agony" of a bone marrow aspiration at this time, because Billy show's no sign's of rejection as we close in on the 2 year anniversary of the Bone Marrow Transplant (Mar. 4th). Billy returned to school yesterday, and received his report card for the 4th semester. Billy made the Honor Roll again, with 5 A's and 1 B! WE are So very Proud of Him. There are 2 more semesters to go, the last day of School is May 10th.

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Mon. 20 Feb. 2006  Today is the 719th day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,246 day's, living in the "World of cancer".
We hope this update finds you well. Billy was released from the Hospital early this afternoon (so was Alicia!!). Dr. Barbosa cleared him and said that he was just fine. We still don't know what the cause of Billy's fever was *wink*, but it is gone, and that's all that matter's.......right? Let's hope so.
Prayer works, THANK YOU ALL.

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Sat. 18 Feb. 2006  Today is the 717th day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,244 day's, living in the "World of cancer".
Emily was moved back to her room on 2 south west, and she is doing much better. Please click on her link (to the right) and drop her a line in her guestbook. Tell her "Billy sent 'ya".
Today's blood counts: WBC@ 8.42, RBC@ 4.50, Hemoglobin@ 14.1, platelets@ 194,000. ANC@ 2800
Billy's fever really took off early this morning, and was at 102° for sometime. X-ray's were done of Billy's leg and chest; the chest scans were clear, and we are waiting on the leg results. Billy's anti-biotic was changed to the more potent Vancomycin, in hope's that what ever is going on in Billy's body just goes away *wink*. We've been through this "Fever stuff" many time's over the past 3 1/2 years of Billy's cancer treatments, but they were always able to pinpoint the cause of them, and treat them aggressively. Today, we have 3 Dr's scratching their heads. By the simple fact that Billy's WBC has gone from 5.02 to 8.42 in two days, says that there is something going on inside Billy, and his immune system is reacting to whatever it is.
Billy won't be coming home any time soon, and he is really aggravated. His IV is in his right arm, at the elbow area, and he can't even do his School work. He does get up and walk around some, but he is very weak.
I will update Billy's Page again, when we hear anything "new".

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Fri. 17 Feb. 2006  Today is the 716th day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,243 day's, living in the "World of cancer".
7:15pm We hope this update finds you well. Today's blood counts: WBC@ 6.32, RBC@ 4.31, Hemoglobin@ 13.4, platelets@ 188,000. ANC@ 3100
Billy's condition continua's to improve, as everyone scratch their head's. There has been no growth in any of Billy's blood sample's, which clears any bacterial infection's, but doesn't eliminate a viral infection, and the cause of his fevers. Billy is still on IV anti-biotic's, and eye drops for the redness in his eye's. Billy's fever's are a thing of the past, and his leg is feeling great. Dr. Letson (Billy's surgeon) stopped in to see Billy this afternoon, and said that his leg looked great, and he should be able to do another lengthening late next month. GVHD has been ruled out, and we truly breathed a collective sigh of relief. Dr. Barbosa, the head of the Oncology Dept. at All Children's Hospital was very pleased at how well Billy was doing today. Dr. B really Loves all of "His Kids", and it pains him to see them hurting. Billy has been the "exception to the rule" when it comes to Childhood cancer(s), and when Billy is talked about the description is, "Billy is the result when EVERYTHING goes well". Billy is the reason everything goes well......................
Billy may be able to come home tomorrow *wink*

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Thur. 16 Feb. 2006  Today is the 715th day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,242 day's, living in the "World of cancer".
8:15pm First of all, please hold our dear Friend Emily in your hearts, and Prayer's. She was moved from 2 south west to the ICU yesterday. You can visit her site by clicking on "Emily" to the right.
"Seek, and Ye shall find", is the thought of the day. I guess if you become a big enough "pest", you'll get the answer's to all your question's. Slowly but surely the answer's are coming in. Billy was seen by the Ophthalmologist this afternoon, and there is no evidence of GVHD in Billy's eye's. He may be having an allergic reaction to "something". OK.........Billy's eye's are fine *wink*. The preliminary test results of the blood sample's are showing "no" sign of bacterial growth as of yet, this is a "good" thing. Most of the results are still be processed though. The pain in his leg has subsided quite a bit, and Billy's disposition is once again, cheerful *wink*. We are in consultation with the Oncology team to see if Billy's scheduled bone marrow aspiration can be done while he is admitted. This will also be a "good thing", since he is already there, and it is due. Billy is still on IV antibiotics, which is "standard operating procedure" when a cancer patient presents with fever. We will follow this course of action, and await the rest of the test results. We pray for more "good news". Stay tuned.....................

1:15pm Thank you ALL for standing by Billy's side, holding him in your Hearts, and Praying for his health. Billy is resting comfortably, and is not in any pain. We still have no results from the tests that were done, other than that Billy seems to have "some sort" of viral infection. They are beginning to "rule things out", but we are not able to get any results out of the Dr's. It is very aggravating, to say the least. Billy will be kept in the Hospital for "at least" 3 day's, and maybe longer depending on what they find.

Next month (March 4th) will be the 2 year anniversary of Billy's Bone Marrow Transplant, and we'll be closing in on our 4th year living in the "World of Cancer". It has been almost a year, since Billy was admitted for any adverse complication's regarding his cancer treatments, other than his leg lengthening's. Saying that, I guess we've been "pretty lucky". I will update Billy's Page again, as soon as we have any word on his condition. Thank you ALL for being there for Billy (and us).

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

 Wed. 15 Feb. 2006  Today is the 714th day on Billy's transplant calendar.
1,241 day's, living in the "World of cancer".
Glad to see that you found your way over here, welcome back to Billy's Page. We crossed the Bay, and had a visit with Billy's surgeon Dr. Letson, this afternoon. Dr. Letson was concerned about Billy's leg pain over the past few weeks. After a close examination, he attributed it to the past extension done in December. Billy has been unable to walk comfortably, without the use of his crutch. A review of the images from the MRI, CT Scan, Bone Scan, and X-ray's; he is "pretty certain" that all is well with his leg, and prosthesis.

While on the way home from Tampa (Moffitt Cancer Center), We called ACH to speak to Billy's Oncology Dr.. We informed her that Billy still had a fever. Billy was admitted to All Children's Hospital at 7:00 this evening. Yes, we are all very concerned, and will have to wait for the blood tests to come back to see what is causing the fever's. Billy will also be seen by the Ophthalmologist to see why his eye's are red, and blood-shot. We are all very nervous, and Billy is scared. I will update you as soon as we hear anything. In the meantime, Please hold Billy in your Hearts, Thought's, and Prayer's.

Please Pray for Billy........................and EVERY Child of Cancer

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