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Mom , Dad and Billy . Graduation Day :: 20 May 2003 ::
Billy is now a 6th Grader !!

Billy's Graduation Certificate

:: Billy's Graduation Certificate ::

Billy's Special Achievement Award

:: Billy's Outstanding Achievement Award ::
For attaining Personal Fitness Goals


We (Billy's Mom and I) would like to thank every one associated with Lakeview Fundamental Elementary School , including all of the Parents and Students , for all the support and guidance we've received over this past school year . Without you we could never have made it through these trying times . No matter what it was that was needed to be done , you all stepped up and gave unselfishly your time and resources when ever called upon . You donated blood for Billy , cooked food for us , shopped for us , and most of all , looked over us . We as a Family are stronger because of the out pouring of Love we've received from each and every one of you . Now that Our Kids have departed Lake View for other Schools , I hope it doesn't drive a wedge between what has been accomplished over the past 8 months . We will never forget any of you for as long as we live , and you are always welcome in our lives , no matter the circumstances .

Thank you ALL , So Very Much