Hello , and welcome to Billy's Page Prayer List . This page is an open listing of Prayer request's sent by individual's requesting a prayer be said for their loved ones with cancer. This page will be updated as the requests are received , and will be posted in the order they are received .

If you would like to post a Prayer on this page , please send it to me along with the person's name , and any other information you'd like to list about the person , and I will add it to this page for all Billy's Visitors to see and Pray for .

Thank you ,Billy's Mom & Dad

 William {Billy} (age 10) :: dxd with ewing's sarcoma(femur) Sept. 21, 2002 at the age of 10 / Florida , USA / Pray for him. {update 1-12-2007} Billy is almost 3 years since his bone marrow transplant (3-4-2004), and almost 4 1/2 years since his diagnosis; and is doing GREAT! Please visit Billy's Page for all the update's. I am currently on Page #88!

 Sammy (age 42) :: dxd with brain-lung cancer / North Carolina , USA / Please Pray for him and his Family

 Michael Beaver (age 15) Conneaut, Ohio / USA :: dxd with ewings sarcoma one week before his 15th b-day back in June 2003 . So far he has had 4 chemo treatments and underwent the removal of his left femur bone last Wednesday (9-3-2003). The doctor says he has to have chemo for the next 7 months . He is being treated at Rainbow and Children's Hospital in Cleveland,Ohio . Thanks for your prayers .
Pray for Him and his Family

 Alice Wheeler (age 31) Ironton, Ohio / USA :: dxd with ewings sarcoma (soft tissue). This Beautiful young woman has two wonderful children ; Nikky is 11 years old , and Mandy is 7 . Please pray for her , and her Family . Please click HERE to see a photo of Alice and her siblings .

 Dustin Moon (age 12) Lake Elsinore, CA. / USA :: dxd with ewings sarcoma Nov. 2003. Dustin has begun his chemo therapy treatments. Please Pray for Dustin and his Family.

 Dana Onanian (age 36) The father of two Beautiful Children, Lauren 3yr. and Jayson 8 mos., and Husband of Nancy. / USA :: Diagnosed with Ewings of the sacrum in December 2002. Has undergone 13 months of intense chemotherapy and will complete chemo come the end of April 2004. Please pray for Dana, Nancy, Lauren, and Jayson throughout this difficult time, and we will keep you, and all other cancer patients in our thoughts and prayers, as well.

 Whitney Pinson (age 10) Jacksonville, Florida / USA :: dxd with ewings sarcoma May 19, 2004. She has an in-operable tumor just beyond her ear. She will be treated aggressively with chemotherapy every 14 days for the next 7 months. Please CLICK HERE to visit Whitney's website. Tell her Billy's Dad sent 'ya!. Please Pray for her.

 Ashlynn Bender (age 13) Jacksonville, Florida / USA :: dxd with ewings sarcoma. She is currently receiving both chemo and radiation therapy. She is being treated at the same facility as Whitney (above), and they are fast becoming good Friends both in, and out of the Hospital and clinic. Please Pray for her.

 Giulia Ottaviani (34 year-old) Italy :: Diagnosed with osteosarcoma at the age of 11. Still has health problems for cancer sequels. Please Pray for her.

 Rebekah B. (14 yr. old) Okeechobee, Florida / USA :: dxd with ewings sarcoma. Has had surgery to replace her femur (hip) on May 25th, and is undergoing extensive chemotherapy at ACH in St. Pete., you can CLICK HERE to see a photo of this precious child.

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